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For 36 years Peregrine has been helping small groups unlock the heart of a destination. English-speaking local leaders can access places you could never hope to find on your own, and you’ll often meet their friends and family in little villages and towns along the way. Small groups are capped at 16 and we’ve softened the edges of adventure travel by providing comfortable accommodation, many meals, plenty of private transport and a relaxed pace of travel.

  • Independent Experiences and Journeys

    Independent Experiences and Journeys

    While we feel that travelling with a small, like-minded group only adds to a holiday experience, we also recognise that some travellers may prefer to travel with just their friend or partner. To accommodate this, we’ve crafted a brand new way of travelling with Peregrine...

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  • Celebrate Africa

    Celebrate Africa

    Now, more than ever, is the time for us to be celebrating Africa. With its fascinating cultures, vibrant rhythms, diverse wildlife and pristine shores, this vast continent is a treasure trove awaiting discovery.

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  • Explore the polar regions

    Explore the polar regions

    A polar adventure should be on everyone's bucket list. These rugged, majestic, unique destinations have so much to offer - from curious penguins in Antarctica to the mighty polar bear in the Arctic. With Peregrine, a polar voyage is now closer than ever. 

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