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When you experience the world with Peregrine, we take you off the beaten track during the day then home to plenty of creature comforts at night thanks to 3 and 4 Star accommodation. English-speaking local leaders help you unlock the secrets of each destination, and you'll benefit from their years of expertise.

  • Independent Experiences and Journeys

    Independent Experiences and Journeys

    While we feel that travelling with a small, like-minded group only adds to a holiday experience, we also recognise that some travellers may prefer to travel with just their friend or partner. To accommodate this, we’ve crafted a brand new way of travelling with Peregrine...

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  • Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls

    The true power of Iguazu Falls can’t be captured by a camera. You have to be there to appreciate it, to feel the soft spray on your face and hear the river’s roar. Venture into the heart of Port Iguazu and come face to face with the endless elemental beauty of South America’s most iconic falls.

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  • Walking in the Dolomites

    Walking in the Dolomites

    The multi-coloured columns of limestone looming above the shadowy Fanes Valley are an awe-inspiring sight. This is the world of Dolomites, north-eastern Italy’s geologically unique alpine mountain range steeped in the dramas of history and spanning over 90,000 hectares.

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Top Trips

  • Treasures of Turkey
    • 15 days
    • From US $1725
    • Countries Visited: Turkey

    The more you see of Turkey, the more you realise you have yet to see. From the cosmopolitan delights of Istanbul to...

  • Colours of Nepal
    • 11 days
    • From US $2305
    • Countries Visited: Nepal

    This adventure encompasses much of what makes Nepal so beloved by travellers. Whether you’re exploring the...

  • Jewels of Indochina

    Discover the incredible diversity, delectable cuisines, dramatic histories and natural beauty of Cambodia and...

  • A Touch of Cuba
    • 8 days
    • From US $1575
    • Countries Visited: Cuba

    Cuba is one of the hottest travel destinations around and it is easy to see why. The country has a unique and...