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When you experience the world with Peregrine, we take you off the beaten track during the day then home to plenty of creature comforts at night thanks to 3 and 4 Star accommodation. English-speaking local leaders help you unlock the secrets of each destination, and you'll benefit from their years of expertise.

  • Italy


    Visit vineyards owned by generations of families and see Italy as the Italians do. Even when we visit highlights like the Colosseum or Pompeii, it's at a pace and in a style that suits you, not a corporate timetable. At Peregrine, we take you to the Italy that others can't. The Italy that we know and have fallen in love with.

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  • India


    India in full colour with Peregrine — Mounds of bright pink, yellow and red dye on a market table. Gold and silver thread on glimmering saris. Dazzling white lakeside palaces. Azure tropical beaches. Brilliant green fields. Plunge headlong into the endless colour palette of India.

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  • Burma


    To travel in Burma is to stumble upon a wonderful, pagoda-filled secret garden. Through years of isolation, it has managed to retain its cultural traditions and preserved its historical heritage. A visit to Burma is in many ways similar to a journey back in time, to an Asia from a bygone age.

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Top Trips

  • Burma Unveiled (Myanmar)
    • 12 days
    • From US $2750
    • Countries Visited: Burma

    The glories of this ancient land (now known as Myanmar) are once again revealed to travellers in this landmark...

  • Classic Peru
    • 9 days
    • From US $1845
    • Countries Visited: Peru

    In the 15th century, Peru was the heartland of the Inca Empire. Today, the country is rich in both Inca and Spanish...

  • Indochina Adventure

    This is the complete Indochina - a grand adventure through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam that immerses us in...

  • Argentina & Brazil

    Buenos Aires is South America's liveliest and most cosmopolitan city, and we take in the city’s most...