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When you experience the world with Peregrine, we take you off the beaten track during the day then home to plenty of creature comforts at night thanks to 3 and 4 Star accommodation. English-speaking local leaders help you unlock the secrets of each destination, and you'll benefit from their years of expertise.

  • See the sights

    See the sights

    Strap on your best hiking boots and discover the sloping valleys, ancient ruins and misty peaks of Peru’s Inca Trail. There’s no sight on earth quite like waking up early to watch the dawn rays spill over the Andes and light up the stones of Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas.

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  • Breathe it all in

    Breathe it all in

    The best way to get a feel for the vibrant street markets of Lima is to shut your eyes and just breathe it all in: the haggling of Quechuan highlanders, the sweet waft of fresh cinnamon, bitter Peruvian coffee and the general bustle of one of the continent’s most charming old colonial towns.

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  • Feel the mist

    Feel the mist

    The true power of Iguazu Falls can’t be captured by a camera. You have to be there to appreciate it, to feel the soft spray on your face and hear the river’s roar. Venture into the heart of Port Iguazu and come face to face with the endless elemental beauty of South America’s most iconic falls.

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