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Ouidah - the birthplace of voodoo
Grand Popo's beach
Safari in Pendjari
Abomey’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Royal Palaces
The stilted houses and pirogues of Ganvie
  • if you’re after a jolt of culture-shock, Benin’s ready to serve it up. History that reads like fable and beliefs that are never less than fascinating – checking out the bloody past of Abomey’s Royal Palace and a wild voodoo ceremony in Ouidah are adventures that you simply can’t experience anywhere else. And elsewhere, Benin boasts some more traditional African delights: check out unspoilt Pendjari’s big game and plentiful birdlife before hitting Grand Popo’s golden beach.

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    West African Kingdoms - 24 days

    Living in isolation in the Atakora Mountain region, the Betamaribe people of Benin construct their two-storey mud huts like miniature fortresses. Known as Tata...
    Countries visited: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo
    From US $5695

    Voodoo Trails - 18 days

    ‘There can be no equilibrium without respecting the universal laws of nature, and our ancient knowledge and traditions,’ said Dah Dangbénon from...
    Countries visited: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo
  • Why we love Benin

    • Check out the bloody past of Abomey’s Royal Palace or a wild voodoo ceremony in Ouidah
    • Unspoilt Pendjari’s big game and plentiful birdlife
    • Grand Popo’s golden beach
    • In the middle of Ouidah is a unique temple, filled with snakes, where houedah (snake worshippers) pay homage to the Python God.
    • The chance to see lions, elephants, hippos and other wildlife in Benin’s Pendjari National Park

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