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Addis Ababa's Art Deco architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient city of Axum
The 'Smoking Water' of Blue Nile Falls
Ethiopia's old capital Gondar
Trade with the tribes at Dimeka market
Lake Tana's ancient monasteries and churches
UNESCO World Heritage-listed rock-hewn churches of Lalibela
The walled city of Harar
The clay lip discs of the Mursi Tribe
Summit Ras Dashen (4,543 metres)
  • Few countries are so full of surprises as Ethiopia. Historically rich and culturally diverse, head in any direction from its capital Addis Ababa and enter Africa’s exotic heart. South and west brings the Great Rift Valley and encounters with some of Africa’s most interesting tribal groups: the Mursi people, with their famous lip discs, call this area home. North and east holds spectacular trekking through the Simien Mountains’ canyons, cliffs and folds, then head to Lalibela’s beautiful rock-hewn churches – Africa’s answer to Petra. Add to this the Ark of the Covenant’s resting place, coffee’s home and earth’s oldest archaeological sites – Ethiopia packs it all in.

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  • Why we love Ethiopia

    • Ethiopia is considered the cradle of mankind, and is home to many of the oldest sites of human existence known to us. It is also home to many of the most significant sites and artefacts of the world’s major religions
    • The Church of Our Lady of Zion in Axum is thought to hold the Ark of the Covenant. The Beta Israel Jewish community are considered one of the original ‘lost tribes’ of Israel.
    • If your trip involves trekking, especially up in the Simien Mountains, don’t be surprised if you’re accompanied by unbothered gelada baboons or observed by extravagantly horned wyala ibexes
    • Our smaller vehicles allow us to reach some of the most amazing tribes in Africa, like the Karo, Dus, Daasanech and Geleb

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