Why We Love It

I’m a keen snorkeller and scuba diver, so why I love Mozambique should be obvious to anyone who has ever been there! Manta Reef is a legendary dive site, and regularly lands near the top spot in ‘top 100 places to dive’ lists. It’s certainly the best dive I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do – watching a dozen enormous manta rays, over three metres in wingspan, wheeling around at a feeding station was an otherworldly, spellbinding moment. In fact, it was only topped by snorkelling with whale sharks – I knew these monsters weren’t dangerous to humans, but it still took my breath away when a 10 metre giant swam right past me! The snorkelling elsewhere was fantastic as well - Flamingo Bay is a very special place. There are rays and sharks aplenty there as well, but what really sticks in my mind is a close encounter with a dugong in the shallow bay near our hotel. I was flopping around in the bath-warm waters, idly looking at a few tiddlers swimming past when there it was, unexpectedly graceful as it glided on its way. Beautiful. On land, Mozambique delivers as well – we went on a walking safari in Limpopo, just near the South Africa border. Basically, you’re bordering Kruger and there aren’t any fences, so the game viewing can be quite good. Animal numbers unfortunately diminished during the country’s civil war, but they’re improving rapidly – I intend to go back again soon, to see the improvement, and also to get that thrill that only a walk in the bush among the big game can bring. Maputo’s the capital, and visitors inevitably spend some time there. I wish I could give a view on it, but my time spent there chiefly involves hazy memories of a night out with some very friendly locals possessing astonishing stamina, who treated me to some Portuguese style food before introducing me to the excellent local beers! I’ll have to visit again to acquaint myself with the city.