Why We Love It

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country – of all of the stunning countries I’ve travelled through in Africa, it’s definitely my favourite. Victoria Falls is a world-famous icon, and one of Africa’s great sights, but there’s so much more to experience in Zimbabwe than just the great waterfall. Any nature-lover or wildlife enthusiast should head to Antelope Park. Their lion conservation programme offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience: the chance to walk with lions. Exploring trails in the African plains, one-year old lions at your side, then watching the young animals hone their stalking skills, was amazing – thrilling, and a real privilege. I was also lucky enough to have a play with some three-week old cubs – gorgeous little things, and a simply unforgettable moment. Antelope Park also gets you up close with elephants and there’s some great birdlife, but it’s the lion safari that’s the main attraction and truly unique. After Antelope, we headed to the Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe’s west. Even without the white rhinos and birds of prey, and Matobo’s huge number of hippos, it’s worth coming here for the scenery alone – enormous boulders piled on top of each other, all perching precariously atop great granite domes, form a landscape that’s different to anywhere else in Africa, and make a great backdrop for a safari, whether it’s on foot or by 4WD. The ancient rock art – Southern Africa’s largest collection – that we discovered among the overhangs added to the drama of the setting. Uncrowded, a great climate, sweeping landscapes and loads of other parks to explore – can’t wait to return!