Antarctica Peninsula

Why We Love It

Antarctica is a place I will never forget. Each day was different. The landscape changed as the weather does; blindingly white when the sun is out, eerily dramatic when the clouds came over. The best time of day was sunrise, when the pink and purple shades on the ice are mesmerising and make getting up at 5am in freezing cold a pleasure. Calm waters made for a mirror reflection in the water, while rough seas provided a thrilling sense of adventure. The ice formations in the glaciers and in the icebergs were as fascinating as I anticipated. I hoped I’d see a massive piece of ice calve off a glacier. The grinding moan of the ice hinted that this would happen at any moment. The wildlife is like nothing I’ve ever encountered. Ashore, curious penguins waddled around and displayed comical, flirting behaviour and a lovely tenderness with their young chicks. They were fearless and only too happy to approach humans. In a setting not accustomed to human presence, you really do feel Antarctica is one of the last untouched places on earth. I felt privileged to have visited such a place. The photos I brought back home didn’t do my Antarctica trip justice. The call of hundreds of penguins, the white of the landscape, the crispness of the cold, pure air and the excitement amongst the travellers on seeing our first whale flip it’s tail in the distance, it’s all something that just can’t be explained. An unforgettable experience.