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Peregrine prides itself on uncovering the essence of a destination, taking travellers beyond the sights to explore the local culture, meet the local people and feast on the local delights. While our collection of tours carries small groups of avid travellers across the globe, we have a few special highlights that we’d like to share with you.


From the golden warmth and picturesque villages of Italy and Turkey, to the ancient splendour and natural beauty of the Inca trail in Peru and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the following trips really capture the best of Peregrine.

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Peregrine's top ten trips.



Asia & Nepal

Middle East

  • Highlights of Morocco

    Highlights of Morocco

    Countries visited: Morocco

    This is our most extensive trip through exotic Morocco. The country’s essence lies in the ancient cities, medieval bazaars and high mountain villages. Read more...

Latin America