Dress for success: Tips for packing the right clothes

Packing the right clothing for certain destinations is important. It can mean the difference between entering a temple and missing out because your shoulders are exposed. Or having fingers that are too cold to work the camera and missing out on a breathtaking photo.

So here's a quick guide to help you pack for three of our Peregrine destinations. 

Middle East
The general consensus here is to cover up, and that's for both men and women. Considering how hot it can get, this is probably something you'll already be doing anyway.

Despite the fact that locals see thousands of tourists every day, you will still attract attention. You don't need to go overboard and cover yourself head to toe, but it's better to dress modestly and avoid unwanted stares.
Take 3/4 length pants or skirts and loose-fitting shirts in lightweight, breathable material. While you'll probably feel comfortable wandering around your hotel or resort in flip flops, a singlet and shorts, it's advisable to cover up when you head off to see the sites.

The pavements in Cairo are renowned for being tricky to navigate in flip flops, so sandals will come in handy.

Women should carry a scarf to cover the neck and shoulders. This is crucial if you plan to enter any mosques. Plus, if you leave your hotel and suddenly realise your neckline is lower than you thought, it's nice to be able to cover up. If you forget to bring one, don't stress - you will probably pass many markets where you can buy something quite cheap.

Due to the heat, you'll want to avoid the sun, so don't forget a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. And yes, we realise it can sometimes be too hot to even contemplate covering your shoulders and knees. But isn't it better to bring an extra layer along and persevere for a few hours than miss out altogether?

Layer, layer, layer! If you're going to be on safari in Africa, chances are you'll be up at sunrise before heading out for morning and afternoon game drives. You need to be able to quickly pull on a jacket or whip off your long pants without missing any of the action!

While you won't be doing a lot of walking when you're out in the National Parks (nobody wants to stumble across a sleeping lion in the wild!) it's still advisable to take sturdy walking shoes. And if you're going in the rainy season (November-March) make sure they are water resistant.

Stick to neutral colours such as khaki, brown, white and beige if you're heading off on safari. You'll blend in better, and lighter colours also reflect the heat.

It can get surprisingly cold in the mornings, so gloves and a beanie are crucial. Fingerless gloves are handy for photographers. It's always a good idea to pack a scarf, as it helps in the cold and can also protect your face and neck when it heats up.

If you wear glasses, it might be wise to invest in a pair of prescription sunnies so you can reduce the glare but still be able to spot animals in the distance. Cargo pants with lots of pockets are also really handy for keeping spare batteries, binoculars and other handy things nearby.

Polar regions
Much has been written about what to pack for a trip to either Antarctica or the Arctic. You can read what our Arctic tour leaders had to say in this recent blog post.
One of the perks of travelling with Peregrine is that you'll get an expedition parka and rubber boots as part of the deal.
But there are a few essentials that anyone who has visited the polar regions will tell you. These are:
• Waterproof pants
• Thermals (merino wool is a breathable natural fibre)
• Polar fleece jacket
• Warm socks - pack at least three more pairs than you had planned, you won't regret it 
• Gloves or mittens
•  Beanie
• Neck gaiter or scarf

You'll also want comfy clothes for relaxing on board the ship, so bring trakkies, tshirts, hoodies and slip-on shoes. 

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