Top 5 travel apps to keep the kids amused

These days, kids are so computer savvy that many of them work out how to use our new devices faster than we can! But the beauty of this is that they never stop learning. So why not make the most of the spare time on your next trip by setting them to work, and expanding their minds in the process?

The world is a lot closer these days, and we are so lucky to live in an era where technology has the ability to enhance our travel experiences. We've picked five of the top travel apps that will help banish boredom and give your kids a chance to learn more about the world around them:

Trip Journal
At first glance, it looks like this app might be too sophisticated for kids, but you'll be surprised at how quickly they pick it up.

Trip Journal allows you to document your experiences and share them with friends and family. It integrates Google Earth so that you can easily track your travel route. You can also upload photos, videos, comments and blog entries along the way.

Some kids will love the trip stats section, where you can see the distance travelled and time it has taken etc. While others will enjoy adding a blog entry at the end of each day or making fun videos.

But it's the sharing features that really set Trip Journal apart. Friends and family can keep track of your route, see your photos and watch your videos in real time. You can also share information on  Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.

Trip Journal is a FREE app and is available for iPhone and androids. Find out more here.

Travel bingo
Keep kids entertained on long road trips with this fun app. Look for signs, vehicles, livestock and other common roadside items. You can race against the clock to beat your previous time or compete with another family member playing on a separate device. You can save a game and continue it later, so it's ideal for trips with a jam-packed itinerary. 

Travel bingo is .99c and is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Find out more here.

Lonely Planet Globe Tripper
Travel the world and solve puzzles along the way, with the Lonely Planet travel trivia app. Kids can test their knowledge of history, geography, world cultures, languages and current events with questions from the Lonely Planet’s travel experts. 

"A big part of travelling is learning about other cultures, and our aim was to produce a fun, interactive game for travellers which taps into their passion for exploring the world and finding out about other cultures," said Lonely Planet’s VP Mobile, Jeremy Kreitler.

"We thought this would be a great way for them to test their travel might against their friends. We’re really excited about getting the Globe Tripper app into the hands of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users around the globe."

Lonely Planet also has some other fantastic travel apps including handy city guides, phrasebooks and audio walking tours that can be used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The app is $1.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Find out more here.

How often have you come home from your travels with a wad of well-intentioned postcards that never get sent? Postino is a fantastic little app that lets you take a picture on your iPhone and send it as a REAL postcard in the mail.

Just take a photo, choose a frame, add a message if you like (even “sign” it by drawing with your finger), and send it off. If you want to send it via snail mail, you can buy a virtual stamp right from the application and your card gets printed out on and sent anywhere, worldwide! You can alsochoose to send it via email.

The postcards are printed out on high quality paper and once you've purchased the stamp, the rest is taken care of.

Postino is a FREE and requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later. Find out more here.

Let your little photographers loose with this fantastic panoramic photo capturing app. Whether you’re standing at the base of Machu Picchu or flying down the slopes in Zermatt, this little wonder makes the best of your camera by stitching together your photos to create panoramic images.  You can send 360-degree views to friends and family while you’re away, letting them feel like they are really there.

Photosynth can share images and interactive panorama experiences to Facebook and integration with Bing Maps means millions of people could see your panorama.

This is  FREE app and compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.  Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Find out more here.

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