11 reasons we are so glad to travel ‘young’

We get a lot of different reactions when we tell people that we are ‘permanently nomadic’. Most are surprised that we have chosen to do this while we are young (a compliment to us) and especially with children. Many people wait until they are retired to travel and others think travelling with children is too much work. But I say, “Why wait?” 

Travel is about experiencing. Travel adds richness to life. So below you’ll find reasons and inspiration to travel while you too are still ‘young’.

Reasons to “Travel Young”

  • The experience will change you to become a more well rounded, fully aware, compassionate person. This will last a lifetime…better to get that education earlier in life
  • You can actually DO all the fun stuff, like hiking through primary rainforest in the Costa Rican jungle, or canoeing through caves in Belize. These experiences are awesome and add variety and interest to life. If you think you can’t do them with children…you’re wrong, we did
  • If you have children…you don’t even know the immense favor and gift you are giving them by allowing them to experience real life, rather than digitally crafted entertainment do-hickeys and an over-scheduled extracurricular activity timetable. Childhood is a time of immense learning, growing and participating in the natural and social world. Children need to experience! Travel does that
  • Living in or just visiting other cultures provides you with a perspective that you cannot achieve by reading. Experience is seeing with your own two eyes, smelling fresh corn tortillas prepared by Mayans, listening to the ocean breeze, feeling the rich textiles of Guatemalan artists and tasting the different spices and herbs in authentic cooking. The experience broadens your horizons and curtails judgement of fellow people
  • Tomorrow may never come. Why wait for retirement that may or may not ever come? So many people put their hopes and desires in the future rather than maximizing their present
  • The sense of seeking adventure, facing a new challenge, and getting outside your comfort zone stays with you. As people get older, their comfort zone becomes a smaller, more enclosed circle. Travel expands the comfort zone and invites new experiences
  • Travelling young helps you keep pushing the limits. Keep challenging yourself. Keep learning. It makes you feel fully alive, utilizing the brain and body in the way it was meant to be used. Putting ourselves in these situations challenges our problem solving skills which is a good skill to test.
  • You form a world perspective: It helps to define our way of viewing the BIG picture…after all, there is a BIG world out there and the nature of our communication, business and mix of cultures IS global. Better to learn about it now
  • It helps to define personality and creates inspiration. You become interested and interesting because you have experienced
  • You learn common sense and street smarts. Making your way around a town where the people don’t speak your language and everything is strange and new, you quickly acquire a street smart way of communication fast. Learning to communicate despite language and cultural barriers is a skill that is necessary in this global world, even when interacting with your own culture
  • You learn to prioritize at a young age. Travelling helps you realize that experiences, spending time with your children, and meeting new people are much more important than all the materialistic things that most people surround themselves with. So instead of spending money on that 60″ flat screen, get out and experience the real world.

My plea
If you have it in your heart and soul to go out, see and experience the world…find a way to do it.  Don’t wait until you become a two legged waddling sausage!

About the author: The King's are a family of four (with a 3 & 1 yr old) that sold their suburban stuff in order to live out dreams of travel, adventure and new experiences in different cultures. They hope you enjoy their stories and that you are inspired to simplify and live out your own dreams. Take a look at the blog, A King's Life and follow them on Facebook.

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