Timbavati bush school

Kids are curious by nature. They love to get outside, explore and play in their surroundings. What they might not realise is that they're actually learning about the world around them. 

At Timbavati bush school, this theory is put into action. Established in 2001, the school invites students from 27 schools in the area to attend a three-day course. This course educates them about conservation and environmental awareness while letting them have fun and explore their surroundings at the same time. 

The course covers various aspects of conservation including interaction between animals, bird and plant life; water conservation; establishing vegetable gardens and learning about the dangers of poaching.

During their time at the Timbavati bush school, kids also get taken on thrilling game drives allowing them to get up close with the wildlife...often for the first time. They also enjoy practical hands-on experience with plants and animals.

The students are then encouraged to take what they've learned back to their community, teaching their parents and neighbours to grow their own vegetables and to take pride in their heritage.

Peregrine, through raising funds via the Community Trust, aims to offer scholarships to the South African Wildlife College (SAWC) to the two bush campers who have had the strongest impact on their community through their project. Following a six-month course, the scholarship students will be placed at the various game lodges in the area to gain more practical experience and then be ready for employment.





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