Why we love it: Botswana

Here's the next in our popular Why We Love It series. Today we are featuring Botswana. This new series features blogs written by passionate Peregrine staff members, on their favourite destinations.

A journey into Botswana is an experience that will move you in unexpected ways. You may discover your inner poet, bird-watcher or conservationist. This country has an uncanny way of giving you a new perspective on what it means to be part of this planet and fill you with the desire to keep on returning.

Botswana is not only home to all of Africa’s well known wildlife, but also boasts some of the continent’s most famous national parks, natural environments and unique wildlife viewing experiences. Setting out on dawn game drives in Chobe and Moremi was a huge thrill. After awakening to a cacophony of bird-song, the night’s activities were revealed as our guide pointed out the many fresh animal tracks.

The lucky get the chance to witness a morning kill. As unpleasant as that may sound before breakfast, the chance to see the circle of life in motion is a fascinating experience. And during the day there are many such chances to observe the animal kingdom – Botswana has some of Africa’s biggest game populations. 

Botswana delivers opportunities to view wildlife in a number of ways. A mokoro ride (dug-out canoe) along the channels in the famous Okavango Delta, with its abundant birdlife and many mammals, was one of the highlights of visiting Botswana, a unique way to explore such a beautiful part of the country. Likewise, checking out Chobe River on a sunset boat ride is amazing. Watching the nearby elephant herds come to drink as the sun goes down, while you watch with a sundowner in hand has got to be one of the ultimate African safari experiences.

Famous national parks, a huge variety of natural environments and an abundance of African wildlife: Botswana has it all and more – the travel experience of a lifetime!

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