Heritage Cambodia and Vietnam

Peregrine started taking tours to Vietnam in 1993 and then Cambodia in 1997. It was a wonderful time to travel to this part of the world, as you basically had all the highlights to yourself.

San Khoo, who’s been with us since 1995 said that back then you could go to Angkor and there was nobody there. It seems unbelievable now!

But this is still a very popular and very important part of the world to see.  We asked our Facebook fans to share their favourite memory of Cambodia and Vietnam:

Pieta James: We did a Peregrine trip in October 2011 and it was fantastic. Loved it all - including the rain and flooding!

Sandra Gaylor: Had an amazing time and met friends for life. Highlight was staying in the long huts with an extended family.

Sharyn Doolan: Did Cambodia with you in 2010. The funniest thing was going off for a blind massage - absolutely no English spoken and I whimpered most of the way through the hour and a half. They had such deft, strong fingers and found every knot possible. I did feel good the next day though - positively bounded out of bed the next morning!

Annemarie Schupfer: Been through both... loved it even though Cambodia is a little sad in history ... need a good spirit for this dark part of time! Other than this it was beautiful traveling.

Penelope Kentish: We had the BEST bicycle tour for 12 days through Vietnam from Saigon north through the interior, down to the coast and then to Hanoi with Peregrine. Mixed group from the beautiful yank MK at 24 to us at 60 (ish). Our guide Hue was totally unflappable and funny, and the support crew extremely professional. We saw so much we couldn’t have experienced any other way. Fabulous experience and thoroughly enjoyable and adventurous time.

Keith Hillman: Nothing I’d read or heard before I left could possibly have prepared me for what I was to experience. Pictures, beautiful as they were could never have portrayed the sights I was to see. Words no matter how eloquent could ever have described this fascinating and intriguing country or its people.
I visited five temples in two days. I have never climbed and clambered so much in my life! I’ve decided that if the steps I endured are anything like those to heaven I’ll give up being good right now!

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