Kids choice: Picking the perfect family holiday

My name is Ben, I’m just a normal teenager. I struggle to get out of bed before 10, I find talking to my parents painful and school is a drag. The only thing that makes school liveable is the thought of holidays and the opportunity to travel around the globe.

So parents, here is my guide to picking the location to your perfect family holiday:


Vietnam is a country that is waiting to be explored and tasted, with amazing sights and even better food.

  • Kids love eating, and in Vietnam there is food in abundance and it won’t hurt dad’s hip pocket
  • Younger kids will love the Cu Chi tunnels, giving them the chance to fulfil their Rambo fantasies
  • If you feel like a bit of shopping, you have come to the right place. Bartering is a must and if you persist, you can grab a bargain


Loud, out there and larger than life. This is how you describe America from the outside looking in. But there is more than the concrete jungles of New York and Chicago. If you're looking for a rootin’ tootin’ holiday then America is the place for you.

  • The wild west, where Cowboys and Indians fought it out in black and white, are still to be explored and the Grand Canyon is amazing and beautiful
  • The kids will love the cowboy experience and the landscape is one of a kind
  • The food in America is a unique experience with the sizes of meals on the gigantic side and the tradition of everything being deep fried and covered in salt


No matter what people say, Canada is not America’s little brother. It's more like the cousin who gets more presents at Christmas. What America has in ego and impact, Canada makes up for in understated beauty and charisma.

  • The scenery in British Columbia blows anything else out of the water
  • Speaking of water, there's canoing and white water rafting which are loads of fun, with everyone getting involved and getting extremely wet in the process
  • Hikes that kids actully enjoy, and won’t moan about until you give up and trudge back down the mountain
  • Canada is the place for adventure and experience for one hell of a vacation. And its nothing like the USA 

About the author: Ben Fenlon spent a bit of time in the Peregrine office doing some work experience. He is a keen traveller and had some great advice for family adventures!

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