3 great travel reads to pack for India

It's the best time of the year to bag some book bargains, and if you're planning a trip to India then Marissa Cooke has chosen some great reads to add to your list.

India is the sort of country where you can spend all day soaking up some magnificent sights, but still find time to relax in a quiet corner with a cup of chai as the hustle and bustle continues around you. Take note of these three fascinating books, and pop one in your backpack (or load it to your Kindle if you are that way inclined!)

Age of Kali: Indian Travels and Encounters, William Dalrymple
Legendary travel writer and aficionado of all things ‘India’, William Dalrymple ventures through Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India itself to places rarely visited by foreigners. Dalrymple travels deep into guerilla territory with the Tamil Tigers, visits Benazir Bhutto and meets the drug lords of the North West Frontier. Leave room in your backpack for this one!

Holy Cow, Sarah MacDonald
After backpacking through India, Aussie journalist Sarah McDonald swore she’d never go back but as she was leaving the country, a palm reader at the airport predicted she’d return. Sure enough, years later Sarah follows her fiancée to Delhi where he’s been posted as a reporter. Holy Cow is a funny, page-turning account of Sarah’s time living in India’s capital.

Are You Experienced? William Sutcliffe
A laugh-out-loud novel about a young, clueless English backpacker, who travels to India because he fancies his best friend’s girlfriend. Needless to say, things go very wrong, Indian style. A great read filled with hilarious descriptions of India's backpacker scene.

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