24 hours in New York City

Happy Independence Day to our American friends! To celebrate, we're letting everyone do a bit of daydreaming, with a trip to New York.

Our well-travelled staffer Lilli was there earlier this year, and took some incredible photos. She also has plenty of tips for those people dreaming of a New York City escape (and let's face it, that's probably the majority of you!) 

Go to a diner for breakfast

Forget hipster fairtrade lattes and poached eggs on gluten free toast and jump into the bottomless filter coffee with half and half (half milk, half cream) and the bagels with jelly. Mmmm mmmm. Makes you feel like you’re in a movie as you stare in amusement at the meat sandwiches they have stacked up in the windows.

Jump on a bus

Yes, one of those horrible touristy ones you feel like you should be avoiding every time they come up to you. But it’s the best way to get an overview of the city from that height. This city has everything. The night bus that loops around Brooklyn and back is a beautiful way to get your cliche view of Manhattan by night.

Try the hotdogs

It took me a few days to work up to this, but once I popped I couldn’t stop. They’re just so convenient, cheap and warm. They range from budget frankfurt ones to gourmet Japanese, Korean, Scottish and Vietnamese… it is New York after all. This pic is from ones from the Brooklyn flea markets on every weekend. $4.50 or 2 for $8. 

Run, ride, or walk around central park

Generic as it may sound, it's pretty much the only park in New York, which gives it a great feeling all day round. The grid system is great for lost tourists but not so good for recreational areas, so among the tourists you see tons of locals which makes for some interesting people watching. Part of the people watching is all the dog walkers and the ex-marines who are paid $30/hour to run people’s dogs around the park. Having a beer at the boatshed there is also a must, beautiful on the lake there.

See a comedy show

I’ve been to the Melbourne Comedy Festival a bunch of times and I love it, but this is a whole other level. The place where we saw a show up on 73rd somewhere had gigs every night of the week. It was the best $15 I ever spent. All of the acts are local New Yorkers from all different backgrounds so it gives you a hilarious graphic insight into what it’s like growing up and living in New York.

Got any questions for Lilli? Leave them in the comments section below or head to Facebook and twitter to share photos and stories of your own.

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