Classical Egypt

We’re biased of course, but we believe that when you come on an adventure with Peregrine, you’ll have an experience like no other. Your itinerary will have been mapped out by one of our Destination Managers, who will have walked the walks, seen the sights and felt the same joy and wonderment that you will at the places we go.

These guys have developed some amazing itineraries over our 35 years – from sailing down the Nile and rafting in Pakistan, to trekking in Israel, Kashmir and Tibet.

Our Destination Managers have one of the best jobs in the world; they spend a few months each year travelling throughout the countries they look after. They go on the trips, research new destinations, meet the local operators and train our local leaders. And they have lots of incredible stories to tell when they return to the office.

Middle East Destination Manager, Peter Miers, shares one of his most memorable local experiences in Egypt:

A couple of years ago I met a grand old gentleman in Bahariya oasis. I was just hanging around the bazaar looking for faces to photograph when I noticed an old man resplendent in galabiyya and Arab keffiyah – the very image of the desert Bedouin – sitting in a coffee shop. He noticed me studying him and without a moment’s hesitation invited me over for a coffee. That was a great relief, it saved me having to pester him for a photo!

He couldn’t speak any English and my Arabic is extremely limited but his friend at the table could basically translate. He insisted I have some chai, and once he learned I was from Australia he appeared to lose any lingering curiosity in me. But he insisted I stayed for another chai and throughout the 20 minute encounter I never lost the impression that all he wanted was to make me feel comfortable and to fulfil his duty of hospitality towards a foreigner. We didn’t feel the need to say much and he never lost his charming smile or the twinkle in his eye. I walked away feeling that we had exchanged a great deal without the need for words.


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