Connecting girls, inspiring futures: International Women's Day 2012

Today is International Women's Day and to celebrate this year's theme Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures we asked the ladies in the Peregrine office a couple of questions about some of their most inspiring journeys. From trekking to Everest to road tripping through the USA the Peregrine girls are a very well-travelled bunch!

What’s been your most adventurous holiday to date? 

  • Taking the slowboat up the Niger River to Timbuktu a few years back. We had an unexpected 'loo with a view' after the toilet door got swept away into the river! - Sara Reeves, Africa Destination Manager
  • In November last year I took on Everest Base Camp! It was challenging but amazing, leaving me with the feeling of wanting to achieve more every day. To reach each lodge along the trail was a huge achievement and the journey home was one big celebration - Michelle Daniels, Victoria Agent Sales Manager
  • Travelling through Borneo, and trekking through the jungle to find wild orangutans. Stumbling across a mother and baby was just amazing! - Rachel McKenzie, Systems Administrator
  • We took a 4x4 on to Fraser Island which was great fun. We got lost, got stuck in the sand and had to push the car up sand hills with no diesel left in the tank… ah good times! - Jane Griffin, HR Coordinator
  • Most adventurous holiday to date was travelling to the Arctic. Being on an expedition-style ship cruising around the icebergs, seeing polar bears, whales and many other animals and climbing on top of glaciers was a fantastic experience - Natalie Scales, Retail Sales Assistant

What’s your ultimate holiday with your girlfriends? 

  • Peregrine's Winelands of Burgundy (self-guided) walking tour in France. Walking through the vineyards, eating French cuisine and navigating the maps! Perfect girls trip - Michelle Daniels, Victoria Agent Sales Manager
  • My ultimate holiday with friends would have to involve music. A road trip through the USA taking in Chicago, Nashville, Memphis and finishing in New Orleans for the New Orleans Jazz Fest. We’d then venture to South America for more music and of course, plenty of dancing - Kali Wilson, Customer Relationship Manager
  • I’d say a road trip through Europe, or west to east coast of USA. Essentially no plans, just an open road, timeframe and good company.... go where the wind takes us kind of thing! - Laura Nesbit, Finance Assistant
  • The ultimate holiday with my friends would be a trip to the USA, starting in New York City for some shopping and hitting up the bars and restaurants. Then hiring a car and driving along a section of Route 66 before visiting the spectacular sights of Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon NP and the Grand Canyon before finishing in Vegas for one final party! - Natalie Scales, Retail Sales Assistant
  • The Mont Blanc Circuit, followed by a gourmet week in the French countryside eating and cooking amazing food and fresh produce! Or perhaps it should be the other way around, eat first, trek later! - Michelle Ouw, Customer Development Manager
  • Hiking the Larapinta Trail! A walking holiday is a fantastic chicks trip – such a good way to get away from it all, relax and get back to the days when you had nothing else to do but chat for hours... Plus, no one can get you motivated like your girlfriends if it’s a long walk day – I once walked for eight hours straight  but barely noticed as we were gossiping so much! - Jessica Scott, Digital Content Producer
  • Walk then sit. Active holidays are grand but treks like Kokoda should be reserved for those driven folk. A walk in Europe somewhere in northern Spain followed by a house rental in Catalonia where you could take time to reflect on your blisters over tapas and a light red is more my style. The combo is great, you discover the countryside at a slow pace followed by a town’s hidden delights usually not exposed to the those that flit through - Judy Fitcher, Finance Assistant

Where would you go on holiday with your girlfirends? And what's been your biggest adventure to date? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Or head to twitter and Facebook to share your images and stories.

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