Describe this image in one word

We posted this incredible picture from Everest Base Camp, Nepal on Facebook recently, and asked people to describe it in one word. We had an overwhelming response, with over 200 people adding their thoughts.

We've chosen a few to feature in this blog, but to see the rest or add your own, simply "like" us on Facebook and check it out.

  • Stenson Craig-Ann Breathtaking!
  • Adam Menadue Breathless
  • Mandy Renshaw Sorry but you can't use 1 word
  • Garry Wright Spiritual
  • Bibek Pradhan Mystical
  • Marnie Threapleton Awesome!
  • Susan Helyar Unbelievable
  • Joanne Pugh Sublime
  • David Emms Jawdropping!
  • Lindy Thewlis Inspiring
  • Julieta Lozano HEAVEN♥
  • Janet Arbeter Achievement!
  • Jessica Beecher Epic
  • Corinne Chan Nostalgic!!
  • Helena Gillies Achievable !
  • Debbe Berkett cold
  • Becky Lynn Godly
  • Jerry Day Fulfillment
  • Janice Hodson Rugged
  • Yvonne Amos serene
  • Elaine Omdahl Stunning!
  • Alina Harriss Painting
  • Kathy Russell Ambitious
  • Sharon Innis Insane
  • Alina Harriss Dream
  • Skye Rogers Heaven
  • Stuart Withington Ambition!!!
  • Veronica Macbean amazing !!
  • Elizabeth Hunt Sublime!
  • Morgan Greene Dreamy
  • Naomi Arantz Triumph!
  • Dawn Simmons joyous
  • Antonietta Vuoso exhilarating
  • Meg Roberts Insurmountable
  • Michelle Mareska Mesmerising
  • Vicki Gabriel Done!
  • Leonie Hourigan ethereal

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