Egypt: The time is now

If you've been dreaming of a trip to Egypt, now is the perfect time to go. The revolutionary dust has settled, hope is in the air, and people coming here are quickly discovering they've made a fantastic holiday choice. 

Here are five reasons why: 

The optimism

How many times can you say you’ve been to a country that is palpably optimistic, where the streets hold a genuine excitement about current affairs and the country’s future? That’s what you get in Egypt at the moment – take a walk through Cairo and the freshly painted celebratory murals, where the sense of an empowered community spirit shows a people cherishing their country. Realistically, this anything-is-possible outlook may be fleeting, but for the moment the passion of the people rivals the grandeur of the tourist sites as the country’s main draw.

It’s all yours
The Valley of the Kings, The Great Pyramids, Abu Simbel, the Sphinx. If you’ve ever dreamed of having them pretty much to yourself, there will never be a better time. In fact, there’ll probably never be another time when you can pretty much act out this fantasy. Visitor numbers have plummeted but all the big sights are open for business – the perfect combination if you want a Royal Mummy, or one of their subterranean tombs, all to yourself.

It’s safe
No need to pack your worries about security and safety. Egypt is safe. We wouldn’t have restarted tours there if we weren’t satisfied that the risk to visitors is no more than before the uprising. In fact, tourists are being treated better than ever – about two million Egyptians depend on tourism for their livelihood, so you’ll find a warmer-than-ever welcome for choosing to visit their country.

It’s Egypt!
What more can we say! This is the country that invented tourism, and with good reason. Egypt has been effortlessly bowling over visitors ever since Julius Caesar fell for its charms several millennia ago. Now may be the most exciting, atmospheric time to be among the streets of its towns and cities, but many of the country’s pleasures remain timeless – cruising the Nile, diving into the Red Sea, gazing upon the many manmade miracles of the ancient world.

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