Colours of Rajasthan

Lilli , our Responsible Traveller Coordinator, went on the Colours of Rajasthan trip in 2011. She travelled with her mum and brother, so it was a pretty diverse group in terms of ages and interests.

We asked Lilli to share an off-the-beaten track experience, something that made her feel like she was seeing the real India and not just a postcard of it:

“We spent days 3 and 4 in Karauli, which was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Agra. This was the first time since landing in India that I could actually breathe properly and relax. We stayed at this quirky old palace that transports you back to Raj time...with a few more cracks of course.

Our leader took us on a village walk which still remains the highlight of my whole tour. Karauli is not a tourist town at all, so you really get a feel for what genuine village life is like. Peregrine has done such a good job of not interfering with the town that locals don’t bother you at all. They don’t try and sell you anything, and don’t ask you for money; they simply go about their daily tasks. It’s hard to come by these rare moments where you can walk around so freely in any developing country. 

Back in the palace at night, the staff are so attentive and make your stay as comfortable as possible. You can’t help but feel spoiled as they make a fire and set up pre-dinner drinks for you every night.

Another highlight was getting to dress up in the traditional saris:

“They also dressed us up in saris and we went for a village walk around Sawarda- it was hilarious. It was so much fun because the women from the palace love dressing you up, and then the looks we got in the street were priceless. It mixes things up a little rather than doing the same old strolls around town and gives you some interaction with the locals that you wouldn’t normally have.”

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