Treasures of Turkey

Peregrine traveller feedback is priceless. From finding out if the meals in Kenya are living up to Peregrine’s standards to learning how our local leader in Cusco responds to travellers questions, feedback gives us all the essential tidbits to help us improve.

Recently, we had some great feedback from John and Helen about their travels in Turkey. John’s account of his own journey with local leader, Bayram, had us all in fits of laughter and wanting to go travelling with the man ourselves:

I'm an overweight, retired college principal, quite used to getting my own way, stubborn, don't suffer fools etc! "Grumpy", my wife says, too! Imagine then the scene in the Old City, Istanbul, after the first morning of walking. We'd been up to the Blue Mosque, done the Hippodrome and now on offer, the Roman Cistern deep below the streets.

Me: “Are there many steps Bayram? I've just about had enough!”
Bayram: “Hmm. About 12?”
Me: “Oh! OK. I can probably manage that. Lead on!”

Later, at the bottom of about 75 steps, looking at the Cistern (which is truly amazing!)

Me: “You said 12 steps!”
Bayram: (Thoughtfully) “Yes... I did... but if I'd said more than 12 you'd have missed all this!” (Big smile!)

I got the point!

So, with my stick, I went on to tread all of the many historical sites we visited and even completed some of the more extended walks (4km along the riverside on one occasion!). I bumped up and down hundreds of steps and bumbled up hills to chapels and down steep slopes to valleys and all over Ephesus in 38°C just to round things off. And in truth, I did it mainly because Bayram so much wanted me not to miss any of the treasures of his country. And I felt strangely obliged to honour his enthusiasm!

It wasn't long before I suddenly realised “I'm having a great time!” Bayram, you are a true ambassador for your Turkiye and a remarkable professional guide!

In the past ten years I've thought 'how lucky' that our holidays have mostly involved the comfortable end of a plane en route to a five star destination – or we’ve been over-pampered on an all too luxurious cruise. This was a much braver trip for us and we couldn't fault it. We felt intrepid. We were travellers in a foreign land.

It was a perfect adventure, extremely well led and in the serendipitous company of lovely people. It made us feel younger. It re-stimulated the desire to 'go and experience'. Peregrine is a great find! We're talking about you taking us to Burma next time!

Thank you John and Helen Shield! We can’t wait to take you on your next adventure!

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