Brendan van Son and Peregrine Adventures Team Up

Yes, I realize that off hand that title just seems confusing.  Who is Brendan van Son???   Well, here goes my best effort at a coherent answer.

I am a travel writer/blogger from Alberta, Canada.  As long as I can remember I have spent my time dreaming of traveling the great blue marble that we call home.  I have always been intrigued to explore and try to understand all of its wonder.  After graduating university I decided that it was time to understand the world beyond the covers of the books, at the ground level.  Thus, I hit the road.  Since I made that jump about a year and a half ago, I’ve had ups and downs, but through it all I’ve found a personal growth that I’m sure couldn’t have been gained in any other way than setting off into the world.  Along with writing one of the most popular travel blogs on the internet,, I’ve been published by a number of different magazines.  I write, and photograph a wide variety of subjects always trying to keep my readers on their toes.  I’ve written about popular hikes such as trekking to Machu Picchu, and I have posted some fun articles like one about photographing the Salt Flats of Bolivia, as well as much more.

Though life on the road as a travel writer can be difficult at times, I have never once complained about my office.  The world is a diverse place culturally, geographically and socially.  To be able to begin understanding these various complexities at the ground level is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

I’ve been to Machu Picchu 3 times, the Amazon jungle on 8 separate occasions in 3 different countries, and kissed the salt flats of Bolivia 6 different times as well.  However, each time I head to the more southern reaches of South America I begin to look at the map and realize that something big has been missing from my travels.  In fact, something very big has been missing.  An entire continent lay just south teasing me at every thought.  This continent isn’t one that just everyone gets to visit either, it is one that is home to crystal blue glaciers that rise from icy cold waters, it is one whose snowy hills are home to elegantly dressed penguins, and it is one whose waters great whales find refuge.  It is Antarctica.  It truly is the last frontier.

The formation of a partnership between Peregrine Adventures and myself was an obvious match.  Like Peregrine Adventures I challenge myself to travel the world in a responsible way.  Someone once told me, “Take only pictures and memories, and leave only footprints.”  That is the model I try to follow when I travel, and to be honest, I try to make sure my footprint is as small as possible in the process.  The one thing that travel has taught me over the years is that there is adventure around each and every corner, no matter where we are in the world, may it be in Antarctica or even our backyard.  The beauty of travel is it often teaches us how to better explore that adventurous side of ourselves, and the personal growth that can be gained through that realization is priceless.  Peregrine Adventures, believes in melding the idea of responsible travel and adventure to form a perfect travel experience,  something that resonates strongly with me, and I believe that just about anyone can benefit from this specially formulated type of travel.

So on January 1st my adventure begins with the great people at Peregrine Adventures when I ship off to the land of ice, penguins and adventure.  As I go along I will be blogging about the adventures from my own website as well as the Peregrine Adventures blog.  I will be shooting countless numbers of photos, and I will be spending as much time as possible searching for the amazing.  Maybe you’ll come along with me on the ride?  If not, I hope that you follow along with me as I embark on this great adventure.  I hope that my words and photos not only make you feel as if you’re at my side on the journey but also inspire you to seek out your own adventure.

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