USA Q&A with San Khoo

Our Q&A with USA expert San Khoo on 3 February saw a huge response from our Facebook fans. With more than 50 burning questions asked, San was kept very busy for the afternoon!

Here's a few of the questions which were asked. If you have any further questions for San just head to twitter or Facebook to keep the conversation going...

Hi San, can you please tell me where to get the best pulled pork sandwich in Vegas, Anaheim and San Fran?

@Patricia I'm not going to lie but I have had to do some extra research on this one! But I am reliably told that the below sell the the best pulled pork sandwich's:
- Las Vegas: Hogs Heaven Barbecue
- San Francisco: Straw
- Anaheim: Scottie's Smokehouse BBQ
Enjoy, San

What is the best time to travel to las Vegas? I heard that it can get stinking hot there! I don't want to go when the weather is unbearable...

@Celeste You’re right Las Vegas does have some very hot days in summer, between May and September temperatures can get over 40 degrees Celsius. To avoid the heat it’s best to travel during spring and autumn. Thanks! San

Are their specific tours away from all the tourists for those interested in Photography, nothing worse than a fantastic scene with heads bobbing around?

@Jennifer Our groups department can quote on private group tours to cater for groups with specific interests. Our brochured itineraries currently do not include any specific photography tours. The nature of our 'small groups' tours gives you the chance to break away from the group from time to time and caters quite easily for evveryone to fulfil their own interests. Cheers San

What is Route 66, my husband is always saying he wants to hire a mustang and do the Route 66. Hoping to get to USA 2013....

@Rachel Hi Rachel - Historic Route 66 is often referred to as 'the Mother Road'. It was the original highway that linked Chicago with LA. It has long been a subject of poems, songs and folklore. It has always synonymous with the notional 'Great Ameican Road Trip'. Cheers, San

Another road tripper here :) I'm driving from NYC to Memphis and then New Orleans in April. Any recommended routes or interesting things I should check out along the way?

@Richard Hi Richard - I'd head to Philadephia, then cross the Appalachians to West Virginia and head down towards Nashville, then Memphis and New Orleans. Just before New Orleans it is worth stopping at Natchez to see the best collection of antebellum (Civil War era) mansions in the Deep South. Cheers, San

What is a 'hidden gem' in the US that is great to visit and not many people know about?

@Nataša Hi Nataša - depends on what you are interested in. If you are into history and amazing houses, the antebellum (Civil War era) mansions in Natchez, Mississippi, are evocative remnants of a bygone era. If into mountains then try Wyoming or walking on the Appalchian Trail. Cheers, San

What states would be best to visit to experience the real wild west plus Native American culture?

@Vicki Hi Vicki - have a look at our Native Americam Lands tour. Cheers, San

Is it safe and worthwhile to visit New Orleans or are the effects of cyclone Katrina still looming over the city?

@Natasha Hi Natasha, New Orleans is safe once again and Lonely Planet has even put it at number two on their 'top 10 places to go in the US'. Thanks, San!


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