Pack the kids! Unbeatable family adventures

Our new family brochure is out, so in a leap of incredible imagination, we thought we’d run through five of our favourite moments from our adventures for the whole tribe.

Meet the king of the swingers in Borneo

The original wild man of Borneo hangs out in the treetops over the boardwalks of the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. The world’s largest arboreal animals are a sophisticated, fascinating bunch – Sepilok is the place to see them, and to learn about the remarkably human-like behaviour of this endangered species. Here, orphaned orang-utans are taught survival skills while being nursed through their youth – meaning that you see the animals at different stages of development, and dabble in a bit of jungle exploration in the process. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the wide-eyed orang-utans toddlers – if there’s a cuter animal, we’re yet to see it.

The kings of kung fu – China’s Shaolin monks

Take your domestic disputes to the next level with parents and children genning up on martial arts at the home of kung fu. A tour of Shaolin Temple gets you among monks, from 10-year-old eager-beaver trainees to old grandmasters, going through their exercises – practising flying kicks, manhandling sparring dummies, getting frightening with javelins and other weapons. A thrilling sight in a one-off destination, one guaranteed to have the whole family fancying themselves as budding Bruce Lees.

Feed and walk the elephants, South Africa

Now for something a bit more sedate – the chance to wander with five-ton gentle giants.  Any South African safari invariably serves up memorable moments, but strolling, trunk-in-hand, with the world’s largest land animal is special. The young residents of the Elephant Sanctuary at Hartbeespoort Dam are a friendly bunch, happy to go walkabout in the bush where birdsong fills the air and various small mammals make their home. These elephants are learning skills to prepare them for life in the wild, so after a walk it’s only polite to reward their hard work by helping them tuck into a hearty lunch of fruit and leaves. On hot days, lunch might be followed by a leisurely mud bath (for the elephants, not you).

Desert sleepover – Morocco

A camel ride into an ocean of sand, the sun reddening overhead; camping among the dunes, blankets laid and food served; music played as the sky darkens – North Africa wows kids young and old with its mix of magical landscapes and exotic cities, full of “I’ve never seen that before” moments. Morocco is has more than its fair share of such dramatic moments, and exploring the Sahara with locals might just be the greatest, an adventure of quiet, serene enchantment. And if you’re struggling to keep the excited kids quiet, just challenge them to count the stars in the endless sky overhead.

Eyeball the mummies – Egypt

The pyramids, boat and camel rides, colourful marine life, ancient temples alive with myth – it can seem at times that Egypt was designed by kids, so packed is it with activities and sights. Fire them up by releasing their inner Indiana Jones (or Lara Croft) with a trek around Cairo’s Egyptian Museum. Specifically, get to the Royal Mummy Room and come face-to-face with Egypt’s glorious dead, lying under the watchful eye of grand, ancient statues. A quietening sight, the stuff of adventure stories, and the perfect start to any Egypt trip – who said museums are dull?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. From swimming with Galapagos sea lions to rafting in Mongolia, our family trips offer enough ‘what I did on my holidays’ stories to make your kids – and you – the envy of others. Take a look at the rest of our family tours, and order a brochure, here.

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