Africa in Style: New Purpose-built Wildlife Viewing Safari Vehicles

Africa's wondrous wildlife, landscapes and villages are there to explore on foot, by boat and by safari vehicle. See it all – or at least get to where you can – in style.

Observe wildlife from inside, out the top and out the front of Peregrine's new, 12-seater wildlife-viewing safari vehicles. Africa isn't a place to play scrabble or curl up with a wildlife doco DVD – there's plenty to see all around. You'll need a good base to explore its highlights, however. The world's most captivating wildlife region is a big place, so the best base of all is one on wheels...a reliable one at that!

Our new safari vehicles have been specifically designed to offer the best wildlife-viewing experience as much as a comfortable ride – Peregrine are the first to launch this type of vehicle in East Africa. Huge windows, tiered seating and rooftop hatches offer great visibility and, with the driver’s cab and passenger compartment joined, communication between the leader and driver makes stopping at the right moment a cinch. Other features include an onboard safe, fridge, stereo, large stowage compartments, interior lighting and an inverter for charging cameras and mp3 players – An African safari might be through wilderness, but a few creature comforts will keep you happy ogling and snapping away at the grand vistas and active animals before you.

A decent vehicle is a must in Africa. Many of the roads are quite challenging but, most importantly, to get up close to some of the world’s most dangerous animals you need the range and safety only a properly designed vehicle can provide. You never know when wildlife-viewing opportunities will arise either, so it’s important to be able to see clearly wherever you’re seated.

With Peregrine’s new safari trucks, you'll be able to see prides of lions, elephants trumpeting and spouting water by the river side and, perhaps, a leopard slinking through the grass towards antelope – all without getting out of your vehicle. A safari in Africa is all about the animals and the right vehicle can really help you get right amongst them.


Tours featuring the new safari wildlife-viewing vehicles:

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