Which country had the power to change you?

We posted a blog recently about how travelling to India has the power to change you. We asked our Facebook fans which country has changed them, and we were overwhelmed by the response.

See which countries our fans nominated, and then browse our destinations to find a place that inspires you. Keep an eye on Facebook for more travel questions, competitions and fun.

• Terry Pascoe: Greece and Italy 
• Yvonne Colley: Japan
• Philippa Bienefelt: India definitely!
• Jo Wright: Japan
• Laura Baggott: Africa 
• Liz Cherry: Africa and India, especially Varanasi
• Renee Corfias: Australia...lol
• Sharyn Doolan: Egypt - I ended up going back to university and studying Ancient History... there's a big change! 
• David Emms: Japan
• Gail McBride: Kenya! We lived there for 2 years 
• Suzanne Smalling Edler: Egypt/Jordan
• Stephen Kemp: Martinique, we lived there for a year
• Victoria Pleschutschnig de Llera: Finland and Egypt 
• Natasha Lynch: Japan
• Christine Elliott: Cuba
• Tim Irvine: Definitely Nepal. They are such a loving, loyal people group who have the most spectacular backyard on earth - the Himalayas
• Marita Robson: Sri Lanka...the people have so little and are happy with what they do have. Children wearing sparkling white school uniforms hand washed in the river. No sign of prams or pushers, parents carry their children. Families walking along hand in hand. Valuable lessons 
• Jane Sue Redfearn: England
• Ursula Wall: India definitely. Three days on the ghats in Varanassi and I started reassessing my whole value system  
• Mel Twyman: Cambodia - reassessment of general values and outlook
• Leisa Wahlin: Egypt! What an appreciation & compassion for Arab & Muslim beliefs & community 
• Carol Varney: Belgium
• Connie B: Brazil
• Anne McLean: Morocco
• Katie Kuuskler: Antarctica. The least populated place with real values. Innocent, clean but not without a tough character
• Anita Jung: Egypt for the sheer grandeur of what man can achieve. Turkey the history, the scenery, a modern and an ancient country where people are immensely proud to live
• Jenny Hayes: India! Truly an amazing conundrum! I believe 'travel' changes you 
• Karen Woodland: Cambodia changed me. The people are so forgiving and ready to move on from the genocide of the past. They seem happy and resigned to their poor existence yet they live under a corrupt government that charges children to progress in school amongst other things. These are special people.
• Vicki Gabriel: India will change all your perceptions on life, love and living, it is amazing, intoxicating and life changing, do it!
• Florence Poon: Definitely Japan!
• Irene Sanders: Italia - just felt like I was meant to be there

Which country had the power to change you? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Then head to twitter and Facebook to post photos and stories for other Peregrine travellers to see. We love being inspired by our community!

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