Take your mum to Europe

Central Europe is the Europe you would have imagined all your life. There is something hauntingly spectacular about cities like Vienna and Prague that make you see what classic beauty truly is. 

It’s the kind of beauty you saw in your mind’s eye as your mother read you fairy tales as a child. And it’s exactly the kind of beauty your mother always wanted you to emulate, when you were a “grown-up”. Here are five locations in Vienna and Prague that will instill your mother’s faith in the fact that yes, she did bring up a well-cultured person:

Old Town Square
This has to be one of the most beautiful outdoor areas in Europe, due to its gorgeous cobblestone paving and winding streets. It’s called Old Town Square because it’s where the older areas of Prague were built up – the area is now UNESCO heritage listed. It’s also quite close to the Charles Bridge, which is another major landmark in Prague. Old Town Square houses a wide array of shops and cafes, and is the perfect base for starting your visit in Prague. It is also where you will find the famous Astronomical Clock, which was placed in the square in the middle ages and is now the oldest clock of its kind still in working order. 

Hradčany Castle
No visit to Prague, in fact no visit to Central Europe would be complete without visiting this castle. It’s said to be the largest ancient castle in the world and when you walk through the various courtyards, you can almost imagine horse-drawn carriages and fairytale princesses flitting about. It’s various architectural styles, from baroque to gothic to any other forms in existence in Europe since the 9th century, makes it a picture-perfect place to visit and enjoy with someone who’s also seen a few passing trends come and go. Be sure to take a picture with the guards out the front of the castle gates. 


Franz Kafka Museum
Franz Kafka was the Czech Republic’s most famous writer, and arguably one of the most influential writers of the 20th Century. His sisters were murdered in concentration camps during World War II, and he himself died of tuberculosis when he was just in his early 40s. Two of his famous works were The Metamorphosis and The Trial. The museum was once Kafka’s home, and today is now open to the public to commemorate his life and his work.  Check out the alluring statues on the museum grounds – very Kafkaesque. 

Café Central
This is not your typical café. Café culture in Vienna has always been taken seriously, and it’s a culture the Viennese are quite proud of maintaining. Café Central itself has been in existence since the late 1800s and its ornate interior harks back to the days of pomp and splendour, the type one might encounter in an ornate city like Vienna. Take a break from the cheesy Mozart men outside, rest your weary walking feet and enjoy the café’s many cakes and pastries, and, of course, the famous Vienna coffee.This is the perfect location for catching up with Mum, on holidays and completely relaxed.

Schönbrunn Palace
Vienna is known for it’s impressive musical history and it would be nothing without classical music.  You can enjoy some classical music concerts performed here however book ahead, as you wouldn’t want to be left disappointed.  During the day, feel free to wander through its impressive gardens – remember, this is also a UNESCO World Heritage listen site.

About the author: Erica Enriquez is based is Sydney and likes to write and travel, although doesn't do enough of the travelling, but would dearly love to.  

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