The Greenland Hiking Experience

Erin Aldersea is our copywriter

Hiking in Greenland might mean leaving the warm comfort of your cruise ship but it's the perfect way to get up close to the rugged landscapes and get lost in a wild experience in this remote and pristine wilderness.

Here are a few hiking highlights not to be missed on a journey to East Greenland:

  • Views of five fjords from the top of Ella Island – be sure to keep an eye out for grazing musk oxen and don’t forget to pack the binoculars!
  • Hike through beautiful, lush tundra to enjoy magnificent views over Scoresbysund and Fohn Fjord.
  • Hike from the lush vegetation of Blomsterbugten (Bay of Flowers) to Noa Lake and onwards to take in the spectacular view of neighbouring Dusens Fjord.

Greenland also offers one of the best places on earth for viewing the incredible Northern Lights (aurora borealis) at Itoqqortoormitt. The winter 2011/12 season is rumoured to be the best aurora season in many years.

The best time of the year for viewing the lights are between September and March when there is a clear, cloudless sky away from artificial lights. However the lights are unpredictable and extraordinary so keep an eye out at all times!

Learn more about our new 12-night East Greenland Explorer voyage, where you can hike Greenland’s eastern coastline and take in the awe-inspiring sight of the Northern Lights in September 2012.

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