Your trip mapped out in Andalucia

For the ideal trip in the region of Andalucia in southern Spain we have mapped out the best sights and cities so you can not only get a taste for the colourful region but also an in depth look at the exciting culture and history.

First stop: Seville

This sizzling capital of Andalucia is the best place to experience flamenco at its finest. Flamenco music and dance was born in the area surrounding Seville among gitanos (Roma people) in the 18th century. Take in a live show to experience the stories of love and tragedy told with the delicacy of the dancer’s hands and the compelling quickness of their feet.

Next stop: Grazalema

This natural wonderland needs to be explored on foot. Base yourself in Grazalema with its narrow white lanes and terracotta roofs surrounded by mountains. There are countless routes to walk throughout the national park – from towering cliffs and high mountain passes to lush stands of trees.

Don’t miss Ronda

Ronda is one of the most beautiful, yet undiscovered parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Walking around the village, with its dramatic position above a deep ravine, takes you through narrow little streets and alleyways exuding a distinctly Moorish air. One of Spain’s oldest towns – dating back to the 9th century BC – Ronda is linked to the romantic writers such as Hemingway and Dumas who sought to gaze out from its elevated position across the patchwork of fields and floodplains beneath.

Last but not least: Granada

The architectural highlight of the region is here – Alhambra Palace. The sheer size and intensity of its detail leave the 11th century palace as a sight to behold. With the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s as the backdrop for the expansive Alhambra, it’s easy to see why this was chosen as the site for a formidable defensive fortress and a pleasure palace for its rulers.

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