Our four hottest new destinations

Continuing with the theme of ‘new stuff’ (our website has got a swanky new look,in case you were wondering where the theme comes from), we thought we’d have a run-through some of our favourite destinations that are among the newer ones on our trips.


Anywhere that packs in temples full of snakes, voodoo rituals, palaces built with blood, remote safaris and golden stretches of sand is worth finding out more about. One of the continent’s smallest countries, Benin celebrates 50 years of independence in 2010 and features on two of our West African tours. Spend some time in Ouidah, the birthplace of voodoo, and you quickly realise how important the religion is to the way of life there. Seeing a frenetic voodoo ceremony and exploring the town’s snake temple is a fascinating mix of cultural exoticism and Indiana Jones fantasy.

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At Africa’s other end is magical Mozambique. Anyone reading newspaper start-of-year predictions for the next big thing in travel will know that Mozambique is regularly among those tipped to be the latest hot ticket. This year it might actually be true. The soccer World Cup in neighbouring South Africa should give a fillip in visitor numbers, but such is Mozambique’s size (roughly twice that of California) and the easygoing good-nature of the locals that there’s no danger of the country’s hypnotically languid pace revving up anytime soon. Amen to that, we say – a few days walking safari followed by some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world is a simply heavenly way of passing the time.

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Central Asia

Peregrine’s Pamir Tajikistan Expedition trip hits the road in June – our first visit to the country. It’s the latest adventure in a region that’s bursting with great sights and experiences, and begging to be explored. Picture this: one day you’re exploring ancient Silk Road cities, then the next you’re slap-bang in the middle of untouched alpine countryside and some of the world’s most beautiful mountains. If you’re after a culture fix, Uzbekistan’s got a hefty dose waiting for you, while outdoors-lovers may need to be dragged kicking and screaming from Kyrgyzstan’s grand plains, pristine peaks and endless skies. Wherever you go, the seductively exotic cultures expertly make a mockery of the ‘global village’ concept and unfailingly have visitors promising themselves to return again soon.

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The backyard! We’ve been running trips all over the world for30 years, but Australia is a relative newcomer to our catalogue. We’re making up for lost time though, with six trips in Tasmania alone. Alpine peaks to rainforest, all in the space of a few kilometres – show us a more varied, more beautiful island anywhere, and we’ll reply with a politely disbelieving look.

The Northern Territory is our other Australian destination. From tackling Larapinta end-to-end, to plunging into the waterholes of Lichfield or canoeing Katherine Gorge, our five trips on the mainland mix up challenging activities with fantastic easier adventures – check them out here

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