Help Us Support Phillip Island’s Little Penguins

Peregrine has teamed up with Australia’s Phillip Island to help its most famous resident, the little penguin. We are raising funds to help improve the local animal hospital and, as a consequence, the lot of its cutest patients.

To help the penguins, log on to eBay this October and bid on two amazing trips in our online auction. The first trip is a journey of a lifetime to Antarctica with Peregrine, the second, two berths on our awesome Complete Galapagos voyage with Peregrine's sister company Gecko's. This is your chance to grab a bargain, see some penguins in two of the most pristine environments on earth, and help their diminutive Phillip Island brethren.

The funds raised from the auction of these great trips will go towards the Penguin Foundation, part of the Phillip Island Nature Park, which cares for penguins and their habitat. At the moment, nearly all the current penguin nesting sights on the island are under threat. The funds raised will go towards stemming the threats to the penguin population and improving the lot of other wildlife on the island, including its significant population of koalas.

Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation was established to protect and preserve one of Australia’s most important natural assets – the little penguins. It raises and allocates funds to diverse projects: bird rescue and rehabilitation in the event of man-made disaster; building new penguin nesting areas; monitoring penguin health and behaviour; and protecting the bird’s natural environment. Resources are also used to undertake other associated wildlife and conservation activities on and around Phillip Island. The Foundation aims to provide a dedicated source of funding to support penguin welfare projects and to ensure the survival of this wonderful animal.

The Little Penguin

The little penguin, also known as the fairy penguin is the smallest penguin in the world. It is found on the southern coast of Australia and New Zealand. It travels extensively from its coastal nesting sites and can dive up to 60 metres, though is usually much closer to the surface. The birds feed on fish, squid and other small marine life, and can live for up to 20 years. The penguins are thought to be monogamous and faithful to a particular breeding site throughout their lifetime. They are under considerable threat by the predation of feral cats and foxes.

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