Woody and Annie venture to the Galapagos

David "Woody" Wood and Annie Inglis are best renowned for their leadership and guiding on our polar expeditions. They are perhaps our most popular expedition crew members and their expert knowledge, ability to engage and sheer passion for a destination has long been an unexpected highlight for our clients.

We are glad to announce that their talents will once again be available in that other great wildlife arena, the Galapagos. In May 2011, Woody and Annie will be returning to the islands to host two special departures , with booking priority offered to our past polar clients. These escorted 10-day Galapagos in Depth voyages will depart 16 May 2011 and 23 May 2011.

Get aboard our comfortable 8-cabin First Class vessel, the M.Y. San Jose with Woody and Annie and:

  • Wander beaches busy with lolling sea lions, pups and marine iguanas.
  • Swim with penguins and sea lions looking to mimic and play.
  • Snorkel amongst the vivid colours of tropical fish, eagle rays, coral, and sea urchins, while penguins and sea lions torpedo the depths.
  • Explore the island peaks and coast on foot, including Bartolome Island, with its iconic, back-to-back bays.
  • Gaze out over waters teeming with marine life and sea turtle nesting grounds.
  • Look out for dolphins surfing bow waves and whales breaching.
  • Watch the courtship rituals of the blue-footed booby and the waved albatross while exploring pristine islands on foot.
  • Experience air thick with sea birds, mating, wheeling and plummeting into vast shoals of fish.
  • Watch red-throated frigate birds careen through the air to scavenge on-the-wing.
  • Walk trails strewn with spiky iguanas, with their cousins swimming languidly along the shore.
  • Meet the septuagenarian giant tortoise Lonesome George, the most famous resident of the Charles Darwin Research Station and the last of his sub-species.
  • See the thousands of hand-reared, cute-as-a-button, newborn baby tortoises.
  • Stroll the main street of Puerto Ayora, dodging the resident pelicans and hauled out sea lions.

Gain an in-depth knowledge of the Galapagos with the insight and knowledge of Woody and Annie.

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David “Woody”Wood

After a working life in diverse fields ranging from law and pediatrics to hospitality, former barrister David "Woody" Wood became more and more involved in expeditions travelling to the farthest reaches of the planet. His first voyage to Antarctica nine years ago was as ship bartender. He has since become a sought after leader and guide – Woody has an immense wealth of knowledge and experience, legendary spotting skills and the desire to show clients the best the natural world has on offer. He is passionate about landscape, wildlife and history. Peregrine clients remark time and time again about his kindness and approachability, and the way in which he helps reveal the best of the most special destinations.

Annie Inglis

Annie has worked at every level and in every department on expedition ships, and has long been a valued member of our Antarctica team. Originally from a polished hospitality background, she has since become one of our most talented expedition leaders. Whether it’s her knowledge of plant, bird or mammal life, guiding clients from ship to shore or lecturing on her favourite formations, Annie's experience and diligence has led many people to their most enjoyable holiday ever.Her enthusiasm for her subject is infectious.

Options to extend your Galapagos holiday include a trip into the Ecuadorian rainforest staying at the wonderful Sacha Lodge, as well as a range of journeys through neighbouring Peru. For more information on this special voyage or prices please contact one of our consultants on 1300 655 433 or visit www.peregrineadventures.com/woody

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