Our Community Projects in China and Central Asia

Uzbek Homestay
Peregrine supports a small village at Sentab in the Nurata Mountains by using village homestays. Having received United Nations Development Program support to set up the project, the community now plays host to all Peregrine travellers to Uzbekistan. This partnership provides valuable income for this isolated community and ensures a wonderful, unique experience for our clients.


Low-Impact Ger Camps
In Mongolia, we stay at several ger camps that are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. Badrakh and his family at Jalman Meadows operate a fully collapsible, low-impact ger camp that makes use of composting toilets as well as solar and wind power. The camp is moved every season in order to reduce its impact on pasture lands. We’ve also helped to build a well, which allows local nomadic farmers to graze their flocks in wider areas, thus lessening their impact on the environment.


Kyrgyz and Tajik Community Based Tourism

In Kyrgyzstan we support the work of the Kyrgyz Community Based Tourism Association (KCBTA), and in Tajikistan we partner with the Murghab Ecotourism Association (META). The main objective of both is to improve the living conditions of people in remote mountain regions by developing rural tourism without harming the natural environment or the local culture. Both organisations encourage the responsible use of natural resources through training on environmental protection and ecology, as well as offering support to a network of small family businesses and independent service providers (such as guides and drivers). By working with these organisations, the income we bring into the region contributes directly to the development of sustainable tourism and benefits local communities in both the short and long term.

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