The best souvenir I bought on my travels...

In the spirit of Christmas, we recently asked our Facebook fans to name the best souvenir they purchased while travelling. We got soe fantastic responses, and it certainly gave us a lot of ideas for the next time we visit certain countries!

Take a look and see if you get any good ideas. And feel free to head over to Facebook and share your own story!

  • Connie B A purse
  • Kirstin Lucas a tagine in Morocco.They wrapped it up really well but it was like carrying sround a large heavy basketball
  • Maureen Keane A watercolor picture. I buy a watercolor picture every place I go. My apartment is filled with pictures of my travels. Great reminders
  • Magenta Graziano amazing hand made earrings...!! love them...!
  • Natasha Granzien at the Musee D'Orsay I purchased a viewfinder that you click over and look at art images - I just love it! I also purchased a little wooden 3 piece picture of the Madonna and Child that folds out at the Sacre Coeur and I have that on my bedside table
  • Narelle Tozer Louis Vitton bag in Paris!
  • Monte D. Doty Two guitars
  • Jan Mcneill Treking poles from Uganda, made by ex poachers. We bought them to do our gorilla trek
  • Rob Moodie A Bronze Buddah in Siem Reap
  • Jeff Calvert BMW 520 in 1973 - o/s deliver to Zurich, shipped home from London
  • Michelle Evans Didn't buy it but my passport is my favourite souvenir
  • Ian Cunningham Velocette 500cc motorcycle - bought in Rosyth, Scotland and shipped home as personal luggage!
  • Brett Kajewski A piece of the Berlin wall
  • Kathy Russell my husband!!
  • Debbz Arseneault Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Picking some more up in May. :)
  • Ross Carol Shaw I love the gold Venetian mask charm I wear every day,bought in Venice
  • Jennifer Cheesman My Tanzanian Giraffe.
  • Gisele Lupi A tattoo, in Shanghai.
  • Glenys De Suza A leather wallet from Szentendre a charming little town not far from Budapest. The best wallet ever!
  • Clare Andersen My husband in aus!
  • Michelle Vojtisek Too many salwar kameez from India!
  • Melissa Moyle Just this very minute, got my mum a Tasmanian devil oven glove, beat that for awesome!
  • Joan Windsor A Cuckoo Clock At Munich Airport ! 
  • Robin Mclaren a leather paper bin in italy. use it everyday
  • Julie Oates My vintage Afghanistani Lapis Lazuli and silver necklace purchased in New Delhi.
  • Leisa Wahlin Paintings! I always buy something for my wall when I travel and I have reminders to surround and remind me every day.
  • Pieta James Charms for my charm bracelet one for every country I have visited (well nearly every country). I cannot fit any more on, need to buy another bracelet as still going
  • Angela Brophy Memories of everywhere
  • Marlette Hegyi Beautiful paintings from Vietnam
  • Anita Jung Antique earrings or jewelry from each country which I frame and hang on my wall
  • Jeff Parks My husband
  • Sally Mallory well I was going to say my Eiffel tower Bottle opener, which gets used almost daily in my house..... but perhaps i should say my husband too. hmmm not sure which is most useful
  • John Warren A little apartment in the south of France. Can't wait to go back to it
  • Christine Elliott Another Hand of Fatima - must have 40 or so now!
  • Kate Dingle Bill Clinton talking doll
  • Nyree Ehlers A 'Big Apple' tea towel, every time I dry my dishes I remember the exact shop I bought it from in New York and all the crazy buskers in Times Square
  • Anna Gay A stunning burnt orange rug from Fes - all the haggling was definitely worth it!
  • Pamela Donnelly ‎$2 reading glasses in Greece 5 years ago. Still using them.
  • Tim Irvine Yak bell high up in the Himalayas of Nepal. That sound is uniquely Himalayan - love it!
  • Paula Cornwell Christmas tree decorations from different countries and travels and I talk about them with my son as we decorate the tree (he's 7 now so will start remembering more of them)
  • Gail Burchell Vicuna shawl in Peru, cost me a lot but it was worth it!
  • Cheryl Archer A genuine Navajo wool rug that now has pride of place on my lounge room wall. So many other wonderful things from so many different countries. The best, to me, are souvenirs that are hand-crafted by the locals - not mass-produced junk. I just love the fact that someone has put their time and effort into crafting something - priceless to me.
  • Ramesh Halai was a "glad you weren't here" mug
  • Rosalie Pekin-Rigby A Murano glass pendant. Really interesting getting these glimpses into people's travel experiences.
  • Maggie McRae unique Christmas decorations
  • Wendy Joyce A tattoo with my kids names because your kids are your kids for life no matter what :)
  • Robyn Stonell A bottle of pisco for DIY pisco sours
  • Vicki Riddle The map the Captain on Sergey Vavilov used navigating our way down to Antarctica- now framed on the wall as a constant reminder of that awesome trip
  • Virginia Bolton a small rug with a yak on it, made by Tibetan refugees in Pokhara, Nepal. Beautifully made, lovely colours. I also collect an espresso cup from every country I visit
  • Trish Gleeson Piece of Tsavorite - beautiful green.
  • Christine Maxwell Souvenir sailor doll off SS Canberra
  • Robin Paul Stuart Whiting Russian dolls from GUM in Moscow
  • Janette Bingham my Scottish husband..nearly 30 years ago...
  • Chris Perry A new camera

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