Gift ideas for travel addicts

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the travel addict in your life? Brendan van Son has made a list (and checked it twice!) of his top ten most practical, fun, interesting and useful pressies that will put a smile on the dial of any keen traveller this year:

1. Microfibre bath towel set
The truth is that travellers don't have a whole lot of space in their bags to carry around nice towels. As such, one of the great ideas for a traveller is a super absorbent micro fibre towel. They hardly take any space, and they dry really quickly. They are perfect for travellers.

2. Flip flops
Travellers tend to go through flip flops like old batteries. Like socks, a traveller can never have too many pairs of flip flops. Moreover, flip flops hardly take up any space in the backpack or suitcase.

3. Photography eBooks
Who doesn't want to take great photos when they are travelling? The problem is that most people aren't professional photographers. Luckily, there is lots of information out there for people that want to learn. Even if you take pictures with a point and shoot camera there are photography ebooks to help.

4. Guidebooks
Whether you are a fan of the Lonely Planet guidebooks or one of the other brands, information on a destination is always welcome. Travellers can never seem to have too many guidebooks for their future destinations. Some of the guides are now even available through aps and PDFs.

5. Universal converter
It seems like every single country in the world has a different type of plug-in. To safe you traveller friend the hazard of plugging in to the wrong plug get them a universal converter.

6. Socks
Traveller or no traveller one can never have enough socks. However, travellers especially tend to burn through them as they get left behind at hotels and laundromats around the world. When buying socks for a traveller consider buying them durable but thin socks that will last a long time but don't take up much space in the luggage either.

7. Electronics insurance
Gifts don't always have to be physical. Get a digital traveller insurance for their electronics gear and protect them against theft, damage, and loss. It could end up being the most valuable gift they recieve.

8. Headlamp
You'd be amazed to find out where travellers find use for their headlamps. I've used mine searching my hostel room for my gear in the dark while others sleep, and I've used it more conventionally in the great outdoors. A good headlamp is invaluable.

9. Gorillapod
Gorillapods are fun tripods that wrap to basically any structure and hold any amount of equipment. Putting your camera on a gorillapod will give it stability in the low light levels, and it will give you the chance to set the timer and shoot pictures of yourself and your travel buddies together.

10. Language learning aids
Why not give your travelling buddy the chance to learn a language as they travel. Rosetta Stone are maybe the most famous programs for learning, but you can also get some great smartphone aps for learning a language as well.

What gifts do you buy for your traveller friends? Leave them in the comments section below. Or head to twitter and Facebook to share your ideas with other members of the Gecko's community.

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