Introducing: The Canadian Rockies

For lovers of the great outdoors, the Canadian Rockies is somewhat of a paradise. It's a playground for people who are looking to breathe in some fresh air, try something adventurous or simply stand in awe of some of the world's most spectacular sights.

To get you acquainted, we've compiled a list of interesting facts about the Canadian Rockies and the many wonderful parks that you'll find there:

  • There's five national parks within the Canadian Rockies:  Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho and Waterton. All but Waterton are interlocking parks that make up the UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage site. These cover a total protected area of over 20,000 square kilometres
  • The wildlife living in Banff National Park can cross the Trans-Canada Highway on specially built over and under passes. These "animal highways" are designed to reduce accidents with vehicles on the road



  • The highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies is Mount Robson, whose summit is 12,972 ft above sea-level. It has also been known to go by the names Cloud Cap Mountain and Snow Cap Mountain
  •  The Snow Dome in Jasper Park is North America's hydrological apex, meaning that the glacier water that runs down its sides will be deposited into three different oceans, The Pacific, The Atlantic and The Arctic. It is a triple continental divide. The only other triple continental divide in the world is located in Siberia



  • Kootenay National Park is Canada's only park with both glaciers and cactus plants
  • Banff National Park is Canada's oldest park and its residents include Grizzly bears, lynx, deer, weasel and many others. It also boasts over 1,600 kilometres of hiking trails
  • The Canadian Rockies have been likened to the African Serengeti in terms of the abundance of wildlife, including bears, cougars, elk and more



  • Snow can fall as late as June and early July at the higher elevations and weather generally changes quickly in the mountains. So on one side of a mountain it could be sunny, and on the other it could be raining
  • Yoho is the smallest of the four mountain parks. Its name means awe and wonder and has been summed up as "a place of rock walls and waterfalls"

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