Photography for a cause: An exhibition by Lilli Morgan

Our very own Lilli Morgan held her first photo exhibition last week, with all proceeds going towards the Peregrine Community Trust. She framed over 20 pieces and also made some beautiful calendars and books which are all available to purchase (see below for details).  

A note from Lilli: These are just some of my stories. Ever since getting my first camera, I have grown and developed my skills and confidence to learn more and more about capturing the moments I love. I see a feeling or a story that I want to capture and share so that others may get the same feeling of romance and happiness that I get from taking these photos:

L'amour floue (Fuzzy love)

I love this shot as there are so many different stories going on everywhere you look, both inside and outside the cafe. There are two guys kssing on the cheek, another two kissing in the corner and the tourists (my friends) walking past. It's just an everyday kinda Parisian vibe. This is also one of my favourite times of day (twilight) to take pictures as the lighting comes out really well without having too many dark patches.

Piccione Firenze

After strolling around Florence, Italy on an overcast and wintry day, my friend and I found this beautiful bridge. Travelling around with not much else to do I sat there photographing these pigeons until i finally got this shot. I photographed it in black and white as the colours on an overcast day don’t generally come out that well in pictures.

Kaleidoscopic Chile

Just walking around the windy paths of Valparaiso is a kaleidoscopic dream. Most of the houses are made out of iron, so to cover this up they use whatever paint they find to paint their houses. It is similar to La Boca in Buenos Aires. It has created a very artistic city with graffiti, sculptures and art studios around every second corner.

Ukrainian sunset

I love this photo, especially that it was taken in the Ukraine as the beauty and softness of this shot completely contrasts our time there. The Ukraine was one of the hardest places I found to get around, as almost no-one spoke English but would default to Russian instead- the English of Eastern Europe.

We drove from Poland to Kiev then down to Odessa before going into Russia; and to drive through these fields of sunflowers was just incredible. It was like the movies, we’d stop for lunch and go running through lanes and lanes of sunflowers.

Morning springs

This was taken in Bolivia, driving from Uyuni to the Atacama Desert, Chile. These were the hot springs that we stopped off at 5am in the morning. This photo brings back so many memories for me, as the nights in the desert get down to almost freezing temperatures and your body is cold from the inside out. So to be met with these hot springs was just momentous. If you could brave taking your clothes off in the cold you were rewarded with one of the most amazing hot spring locations in the world! 

To order: If you would like a copy of any of these images, or you'd like to purchase Lilli's book or 2012 calendar, please email us at facebook@peregrineadventures. An A2 print is $50, books are $80 and 2012 calendars are $40 (including postage). All proceeds go to the Peregrine Community Trust.

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