The story behind the images

Our very own Lilli Morgan held her first photo exhibition last week, with all proceeds going towards the Gecko's Community Trust. She framed over 20 pieces and also made some beautiful calendars and books which are all available to purchase (see below for details).  

A note from Lilli: Some may call it possession of beauty, but the world is beautiful place. And I think as long as you capture your moment and are then able to put your camera down and be present - go with it. As we all know, photography has become so saturated in the digital age that it has almost become a dirty word, conjuring up images of people jumping on and off tour buses with a camera in one hand and a video camera in the other; seeing the world through their camera screen. I hope some of these pictures rekindle the romance and enjoyment that photography can bring:

Turn off your TV and live your life

This is an artwork within itself, and I was just lucky enough to walk past and click my camera. I took this in Valparaiso, Chile which is just one of the most artistic beautiful cities i’ve ever been to.

Riding on the moon

This photo was taken in Ladakh, India. Although the middle of the day isn’t necessarily known as the best time for lighting, the harshness of it complements the feeling that this particular solo rider in the middle of nowhere evokes.

My friend and I had been riding around the area for a couple of days on a motorbike with a tent, and to see this guy riding his pushbike was incredible. Where he had come from and where we were going where just as big a mysteries to us as what riding on the moon would actually be like.  

When the sky meets the earth

This photo was taken on a three day 4-wheel drive tour from Uyuni in Bolivia to the Atacama Desert in Chile. We saw so many natural wonders including geyers, hot springs, volcanoes and these amazing salt flats. We were lucky that it was wet season and had been raining enough (but not too much) that we got this mind-blowing reflection. At other times of the year it's just a white floor of salt. There's a hotel in the middle of it all made out of salt that you can stay at, which would have been an amazing place to see a sunrise or a sunset.

Zanzibar warriors

This photo speaks for itself. I was lying on the beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania when these women getting ready to go fishing marched across the beach in front of us. Their clothes, their equipment and their general electric vibrations were enough to make you want to be part of their gang (or at least follow them and see what they get up to).

To order: If you would like a copy of any of these images, or you'd like to purchase Lilli's book or 2012 calendar, please email us at facebook@geckosadventures. An A2 print is $50, books are $80 and 2012 calendars are $40 (including postage). All proceeds go to the Gecko's Community Trust.

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