Image of the week: Banks of the Ganges, Varanasi

Our stunning image of the week was taken along the banks of the Ganges, Varanasi, by Natalie Neal.

Here's some interesting facts about the Ganges:

  • It's the longest river in India, at about 2506 kilometres long
  • The Ganges supports a staggering population of well over 420 million people who either live on, close to or in some way rely on the river for their livelihood. That's almost 50% more than the population of the US and nearly five times the population of the UK
  • It's made up of the following rivers: Alaknanda river, Dhauliganga river, Nandakini river, Nandprayag, Pindar river, Karnaprayag, Mandakini river, Rudraprayag river and Bhagirathi river
  • Only the Amazon and the Congo remove more water from land than the Ganges
  • The Ganges is a spiritual centre in India, with many dead bodies being cremated on its banks. This is quite a popular practice in India and it is believed that after death the souls will directly attain 'moksh' or salvation. It is also believed that the water from the Ganges has healing properties and can cure even the deadliest of diseases

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