Yangtze and Beyond

China is captivating. A series of contrasts and contradictions, it holds such an important place in history – and the future, it's hard to believe you’ve never been there, right?

Well, today we’re giving away our Yangtze & Beyond trip, so here’s your chance! This 14-day journey through the backbone of Chinese history will whet your appetitive for adventure, history and culture – and leave you wanting more. Trust me!

The puzzling thing about China is that if you just went off a Lonely Planet guide, or only explored the big-ticket attractions, you would miss so much about what makes this country unique. As I discovered on my first trip to China, you really need that insider’s knowledge to get to the heart of the destination, to bridge the gap between tourist and local. You need to understand the culture in order to understand the country.

Once you've had someone show you exactly how to perform a tea ceremony, or the right way to eat dumplings, or explained the importance of traditions, your eyes are opened  to a whole new world. You no longer look at things with your own cultural blinkers on; you can see what life is like for someone else in the world, which ultimately makes it feel like a much smaller place! 

It’s also what makes travel so addictive - connecting with someone who may not speak your language, yet you still have the ability to communicate.

So tell us – have you had that connection whilst travelling? Have you felt that click, when you finally understand a place that moments before baffled you with its cultural differences?

Win your way to China!

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