Happy birthday Peregrine!

It’s been 35 years since we launched our first adventure in Nepal. To celebrate, we’re giving away 35 trips in 35 days – our biggest giveaway ever!

We’re kicking off the fun with a trip to where it all began for us - Nepal, where back in January 1978, Mick Chapman led two American travellers around the Annapurna Sanctuary.

Since those early days of trekking in Nepal, we’ve had a few name changes (we started out as Walkin Explorer) and developed trips across the seven continents. We’ve taken travellers to places like Pakistan, the Congo, sailing in the South Pacific and the Maldives, the Arctic and Antarctic, and canoeing down the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. From three trips to more than 400 in 2012, we’re still busy finding those itineraries to take you off the well beaten tourist track.

Our story
We’re proud of the fact that our travel ethos has always been the same, ever since those early days. We’re showing people the world today, just as we did 35 years ago.

Our 1980 brochure sums it up perfectly:

"Since we first started in 1977 our programme has broadened and we no longer only walk, but also raft, ride elephants and ride land rovers… Trips into the unusual and less accessible parts of the world, particularly the Himalaya, at a pace which allows you time to become involved in all that is around you as you travel. For a trek into the mountains is not just Mt Everest. It is also the people, the flora, the fauna and the simple pleasure of having time to reflect upon our place in the universe – away from calendars, timetables and the schedules which seem to crowd our lives."

Thank you for coming on incredible adventures with us over the past 35 years – here’s to 35 more! Now let’s celebrate with lots of giveaways! Happy 35th Peregrine!

Win your way to Everest!

Reaching Everest Base Camp is the ultimate goal for many adventurers. Back in 1978 it was a 35-day round trip, today it’s an 18-day trip and includes a summit attempt on Kala Patar (5643m) for the best views of Mt Everest.

Enter your details here to win your way to trekking heaven. You’ll receive daily emails on each trip we’re giving away, and you can come back each day for your chance to discover Kenya, Peru, Burma, Turkey and many more.

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