All eyes on Africa: Part 2

We love Peter Lemon's stunning wildlife images so much, we've decided to share some more. Check out Part 1 here. Peter has kindly shared some tips for getting the best shots possible while on safari. With gorgeous subjects like this, every photo is bound to be special. 

The eyes have it in this incredible shot of a leopard cub. Foliage can often spoil the photo, but when it's positioned at the back and sides it can actually add to the picture.

Some days even the King of the Jungle can't handle the flies of the Masai Mara. This lovely series shows a big cat getting increasingly frustrated with a pesky fly.

Getting shots of animals doing something goes a step beyond static "portrait" pictures (though there's nothing wrong with these if they are close enough and their eyes are open). Pictures of animals lying down and fast asleep in the shade (lions are very good at this in the middle hours of the day) are usually a waste of time. These zebras certainly put on a show!

Which is your favourite? Tell us about it in the comments section below. If you have wildlife shots of your own, head to twitter and Facebook to share them with other Peregrine travellers.

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