The ultimate Antarctic wildlife adventure

The ultimate Antarctic Adventure

We offer many Antarctic adventures, but for the trip of lifetime, the most varied and complete cruise of the seventh continent’s incredible sights, there’s really one option: Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands & South Georgia.

An epic 20-day exploration of the best of the bottom of the earth, below is just a taste of what makes this trip so special – for a more complete overview, go to take a look here.

The Falkland Islands

There may be red phone boxes and Georgian red postboxes, the locals may still refer to the UK as 'home' and their currency is the pound, but get away from quaint, brightly-coloured Stanley and out into 'camp', and the Falklands has a distinct identity all of its own. An unpopulated place, rocky, peaty and utterly wild, exploring ‘camp’ has an appropriately end-of-the-earth feel: just you, the hills, the Atlantic winds, and wildlife.

And what wildlife, with the jigsaw of islands that make up the West Falklands archipelago the richest source: five types of penguin, colonies populating sandy bays or by precipitous cliffs; other extravagant birdlife including albatross and petrels; seals and sea lions wallowing on beaches; whales and dolphins patrolling the waters. And perhaps best of all, much of the wildlife remains unwary of humans, meaning close-ups don't have to come courtesy of a zoom lens.  

South Georgia

The Falklands are a great destination in their own right, but they also offer a foretaste of what for many is the wildlife highlight of any Antarctic adventure: Salisbury Plain. Among the beaches and rocks of Salisbury Plain, several hundred thousand king penguins assemble in a restless, cacophonous and utterly mesmerising gathering – without doubt, one of the world's finest wildlife moments. And, just in case that wasn't sufficiently spellbinding, visitors can expect seal pups as their meeting party and a truly stirring backdrop of glaciated peaks as well. A pristine wonderland - South Georgia is a suitably rugged, spectacular final resting place of the great explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. 

Antarctic Peninsula

Sailing south from South Georgia, icebergs appear, larger and larger, sea ice too, then land comes into view: first the South Orkneys then South Shetland, then Antarctica itself. Setting foot on the Antarctic mainland is an emotional experience in itself, but the sights and experiences are what make this trip so special. From natural wonders – the flooded volcanic caldera of Deception Island, mesmerising Paradise Harbour, where vast ice cliffs ring waters studded with icebergs – to the wildlife: a whale surfacing, breaching perhaps, near the boat; rookeries of penguins, the extraordinary bark of the elephant seal – you simply can’t find these moments anywhere else on the planet, and they’re experiences that burn brightly in the memory of all those who have ventured into Antarctica’s fantastic, frozen wilds.

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