Flavours of Oaxaca, Mexico

Antonina Indomenico is a tourism student who is undertaking work experience in the Peregrine office.

Mexico is famous for its unique cuisine, rich in spices and flavours to ignite and stimulate each and every taste bud.

Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most lively cities and is known not only for its bright and colourful buildings, contemporary street art and local performers and artists, but it also has the reputation as the ‘heart of Mexican food culture’.

Don’t miss these Oaxacan specialties:


Try the Oaxacan specialty ‘mole’ (pronounced mo-lay).  Mole is a rich sauce made up of a strange combination of both sweet and savoury ingredients. Made with spices, nuts and chillies and then enhanced with chocolate, it is traditionally eaten with chicken, seafood, pork or vegetables. Seem a little strange? Give it a go! Experiencing food and culture go hand-in-hand with one another so why not step out of your comfort zone and try it! Besides, Oaxaca is known to have the best mole in Mexico so don’t miss out!

Hot corn from a street vendor

Fresh, steaming hot corn is sold on the streets of Oaxaca by local vendors pushing small steam carts around. You can choose from so many different varieties (you may not even recognise some of it as corn) and then choose to have it served with chilli, cheese or sour cream or all three toppings (all three toppings are highly recommended!). This is a great cheap but delicious and tasty lunch option if you’re looking to save a few pennies or have lunch on the go.


Feeling a little more daring? Crunchy chapulines (or grasshoppers as they are more commonly known) are found everywhere in Oaxaca. Markets sell them by the sack full and you’ll see locals munching on them as snacks.

Chapulines are fried in chillies and served with lemon or lime. You know what they say… Do as the locals do! Add them to your taco or empanada for a little more flavour or just try them as a snack. Legend says that one mouthful of chapulines will guarantee your return to Oaxaca, and you will definitely want to return to this delicious destination.

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