Amazing Thailand - a foodie's journey

You know our history in Thailand, you know how long we’ve been going there and the sorts of things you’ll experience on Amazing Thailand trip (read our blog if you missed out).

But today, we want to tell you about our favourite aspect of Thailand. The food! It’s impossible not to come home raving about the aromas and flavours you’ve enjoyed. To help get you excited about your this trip, we asked a few of the Peregrine team members to tell us their favourite Thailand food memories.


“My boyfriend and I went to the local market in Krabi and we bought some lemon grass, kaffir limes and lime leaves, chillies, fish sauce and other ingredients to make a Tom Yum soup. We then brought a really cheap wok and some coconut milk. The next day we paid a local fisherman to take as out to a deserted island in his longtail boat... he dropped us off and promised to come back in a few hours. My boyfriend then waded into the sea and caught a fish on a piece of fishing line which we cooked on the beach with the wok, using the ingredients we bought. “

“I was so dubious about eating in some of the places, as I’m super paranoid about getting sick – but that went out the window on day 2 in Bangkok. There’s a massive food court on top of MBK, which is one of Bangkok’s largest shopping centres.

I waited half an hour after eating the yummiest green curry I’ve ever eaten, and when my insides didn’t explode, I worked up enough courage to try dessert. Finally I bit the bullet, got up and ordered a mango sticky rice. I took one bite and was in absolute heaven. It was the perfect mix of sweet and creamy. I scoffed the whole lot, went back for a second plate and instantly I was cured of “too-safe” eating. I knew I had to go out of my comfort zone, dismiss any ideas of western hygiene and figured if the locals were munching on it – I was too! The next two weeks were a gastronomic paradise, and I have NEVER been able to find a mango sticky rice as good as the MBK food court, and believe me I’ve been looking! “

“Also called green papaya salad, Som Tom in its traditional form contains shredded green papaya, crunchy beans, peanuts, dried shrimp, pungent crab, fish sauce, sugar, lime and chillies are pounded together in a giant pounding looking contraption.
We usually shy away from the shrimp and crab – it can be very full on.  If you are ordering this in Thailand, beware – it is blisteringly hot.  Asking for no chillies, or a little (“nit not”) will still result in a fiery (but at least edible) dish.
This is the best of Thai food – fresh crunchy veggies, lots of spice, tart lime and fish sauce, and the subtle tang of green papaya.  Healthy too!”


“We went to the local market with a Thai friend and bought a whole heap of grilled barbecue rats and some fresh vegies, herbs and spices. We took all this back to my Thai friends’ kitchen and he cooked us a meal of stirfried smoky barbecue rat with green peppers and chillies. We all loved it! It turns out bamboo field rat has a very gamey taste and reminded me of rabbit. My local Thai friend was very excited because he loved eating rat and was happy to be able to cook a whole batch of it for a group of Farangs. “

As far as I’m concerned, Thailand has the best street food in South East Asia. All you have to do is walk out your front door and you’ll be greeted with a street full of vendors selling breakfast foods  - noodle soups, sandwiches, fresh juice and coffee. And it’s all sold from carts. Then, when you come back during lunchtime there’s been a change of hands and vendors are selling sticky rice, pad thai and rice and pork.  And then at dinner the whole scene switches up again.

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