Cinque Terre Explored

Peregrine staff member and hopeless Italophile, Julian, loved his recent trip to Italy’s Northern coast, but singled out Portovenere as the highlight of the trip:

“When friends ask me to choose a favourite of the five towns, I find it incredibly hard for a number of reasons. They’re all so beautiful. Monterosso has the Riviera feel that has drawn the rich and famous for decades. Vernazza and Manarola, perhaps the most photogenic of the five villages, have the magnificent waterfronts that can’t help but lend themselves to postcards.

With its imposing position, Corniglia is in a different league to the other four; while Riomaggiore, with its winding lanes, cafes and stores is the town to lose yourself in.

I had an idea of what to expect of the Cinque Terre themselves, but truth be told I knew nothing of Portovenere beyond the poet, Lord Byron’s connection. With its views of snow-capped mountains to the north, Mediterranean to the south, Portovenere has nestled itself nicely into a calm cove, and welcomes far fewer visitors than the towns down the ‘road’. With its cafe lined waterfront, it was an absolutely stunning surprise, and I’ll be back there before too long!

Have we mentioned Italian food yet?
Like a soldier, a traveller marches on their stomach in this part of the world. And when you’re on the Italian coast, you tend to march a little slower than usual so you can savour the cuisine as long as possible.

Perched precariously along the Mediterranean’s edge, it's little wonder the restaurants of the Cinque Terre are heavy with offerings of succulent seafood. The accompanying wines from the region also make for magnificent meals and memories. As you’re more than likely in the region for a short period of time, you don’t want to waste all your time dozing in the afternoon sun, so the locals will be more than happy to bestow upon you a cup of the world’s greatest coffee. But please, no milk after noon. You don’t want to look like a tourist. Now, march on.

The Peregrine difference
Italy, and even the Cinque Terre aren’t exactly new on the traveller radar, but even well worn paths can turn up unique experiences when you know where to look. That is why Peregrine only employs the services of professionally trained and passionate leaders, born and bred in Italy. 

Who better to accompany you along the Cinque Terre than someone who knows the locals and their families on a first name basis, knows the were to find the best marinara and pressed grapes, someone who not only speaks Italian as their mother tongue, but also knows the accompanying hand gestures! Your Peregrine leader will be at once your guide, friend and personal key to unlocking the history and secret highlights of the Cinque Terre. 

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