All about KOTO - our favourite restaurant in Hanoi

Responsible travel at its tastiest - read about a partner we're proud to support, a program and restaurant in Hanoi that helps disadvantaged kids off the streets and into the hospitality industry.

KOTO - Know One Teach One - is a charity, a Hanoi restaurant and a fantastic program that provides vocational training and experience in the hospitality industry for underprivileged young people. From its origins as a small sandwich shop in Hanoi, KOTO has grown to a 120-seat restaurant and a hospitality program that has helped equip many young people with the life and practical skills they need for a better chance in life.

Street children and disadvantaged youths within the KOTO program study hospitality skills, English and essential life skills. Practical skills are gained at the KOTO restaurant in Hanoi. All the staff you there have come from poor backgrounds, and many who have passed through KOTO's ranks go on to work in the city's top hotels and restaurants. It's not just a worthwhile cause, the food served there is great, with the menu and the cookery classes offered there both showcasing the rich and subtle northern Vietnamese palate.

Peregrine supports KOTO with many visits to the restaurant on our Vietnam tours and with fundraising through our Community Trust. Find out more.

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