Anna Fedoseeva - A Hidden Talent

Anna Fedoseeva joined us onboard the Akademik Sergey Vavilov in Antarctica this season in the dining room/hospitality team.

Those of you who joined our Antarctic season opener with artists Brett Jarrett (who will be joining the Kapitan Khlebnikov in the Arctic 2010) and Neil Roberts may have seen how Anna took the opportunity to learn from our two guests. Later in the voyage we realised how talented Anna was when, after a little persuasion, she let us see one of her paintings.

At the end of the first voyage Anna very kindly offered to donate one of her works for the Albatross auction. As a ‘thank you’, Peregrine’s Polar Manager took Anna shopping in Ushuaia for paints, brushes and canvasses. Whilst searching out the one art store in Ushuaia he discovered that Anna’s formal education, back in Russia, was as an artist/sculptor. Anna continued to paint throughout the season and continued to donate her art helping Peregrine raise over $65,000 towards our ‘Get Albatross Off the Hook’ fund.

Not only did Anna’s painting donations greatly contribute to the cause, but a few lucky passengers are now owners of her fabulous works of art which include wonderful paintings of the Antarctic landscape and wildlife they experienced onboard. To view a selection of some of Anna’s paintings please click here.

We hope that Anna continues to add to our special program. A big thank you to Anna and to those of you who purchased items and donated money.

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