Say "I do" abroad!

Why not make your big day a big deal, and head overseas to celebrate with family, friends or maybe just the two of you!

We take a look at some of the most beautiful, romantic and unique places to get hitched around the world:

With beautiful resorts, stunning beaches and traditional Mexican fiestas, this is a very popular spot for couples to tie the knot. One of the most popular spots for a Mexico wedding is Riviera Maya which draws many couples to its shores.

Cabo boasts staggering cliffs, miles of sand and endless palm trees, providing a beautiful backdrop for a beach wedding. And, because it is such a hot spot for couples, there are many agencies that specialise in wedding planning to make your trip as smooth as possible. 

Elsewhere, there are great beaches in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Puerto Escondido. Or try Playa Norte Beach on Isla Mujeres, a popular national wildlife area.

Aside from the obvious natural beauty, you are guaranteed to have the wedding feast of a lifetime in Italy! Imagine getting married in a sprawling Tuscan vineyard and toasting your marriage with wine grown right at your feet? 

Italy offers hundreds of wedding sites in historic halls in every municipality, town and city. It is also a popular wedding destination as thre is no residency requirement to marry in Italy. TIn some cases you can arrive and get married in Italy within two days!

South Africa
With secluded beaches, wine estates, mountains, little chapels, African veld, incomparable sunsets and blue skies – South Africa is a sought-after international wedding destination.

The bonus of a South African marriage is that it’s legally valid in almost every country in the world, and because the country respects all beliefs, it’s relatively easy to find someone to preside over your wedding, no matter your religion. 

Choose where your ceremony takes place from a range of beautiful settings, it might be the deck of your villa looking out over the beautiful bush or a ceremony in the heart of the winelands. Maybe you just want a fabulous beachfront setting. Regardless of your taste or budget South Africa offers something for everyone.

Everyone deserves to feel like a prince or princess on their wedding day. And in India, you can get married like one too! In Rajasthan you can hold your ceremony in one of its many grand palaces or old mansions. In true lavish Indian style, some wedding packages even offer extravagant extras like elephant processions, helicopters showering rose petals on the wedding party, fire dancers and performances by Bollywood celebrities!

When it comes to getting married in India, your options are limited only by your imagination. After the hype of a palace wedding you might like to wind down by spending some time by the beach in Goa or Kerala, which are also popular wedding destinations in their own right.

One thing is important though, make sure you have a decent wedding planner or hotel event planner to do all the organising as their help will be invaluable.

New Orleans
For fun-loving couple, there's nowhere cooler than New Orleans in the United States. Popular venues include French Quarter courtyards, Garden District mansions, steamboats with live jazz, rooftop garden terraces overlooking New Orleans and more. 

Getting married during Jazz Fest has become a tradition for some people, with Rosie's Music Hall a favourite. Or find a secluded little place in the French Quarter for a small wedding like Pirates Alley, the Moon Walk or the Spanish Square. Most open public places are free for a small simple wedding. Or you could go all out and travel to a Cajun chapel through the French District in a horse-drawn carriage! Some choose to sail the Mississippi and say "I do" while passing the twinkling city lights. Or go traditional, with a truly Cajun wedding that features a procession to a jazzy marching band, in which the father of the bride leads with a white umbrella, while guests strut and dance behind him with handkerchiefs.

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